So much room for activities!

G’day everyone

Today was a big day!

We woke up bright and early and then the group split up and the first group went to track rhinos using telemetry! Although they had no success, the other half of the group enjoyed a bush walk through the dense jungle! After lunch we worked as a team to remove problem alien plants, ensuring that our favourite animals could enjoy a safe meal.

Then the group swapped and got to do the other activity!

We ended the night with a beautiful camp fire looking up at the starry sky and full moon!

It’s a bitter sweet moment in the game park because it is our last night, however we are very keen for the next part of our journey!

See ya in st Lucia with a wifi connection

Jami rocking it

Jordan nailing it

Kathryn and Emmelie got a bbiiiigggg one

Jefrey and Tayla working together

From teegs
Rhino poaching debate

P.S volunteers nick and tayla helped me write this