Sunday funday!! It’s so funny only having to wake four people up. I always feel like I’m missing people. I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon! We woke up early this morning for another fun day in and around St. Lucia. We went out to a little walk around the game park nearby called Mangaliso. We stuck mostly to the trails until we decided to take a short cut and then ended up bushwhacking through the weeds. We found some prints along the way including some leopards!! Our tracking abilities are getting good! It ended up being so fun too because we just sang Lion King songs and chatted up a storm. Not to mention the fact that it was absolutely gorgeous scenery! We thought it was hilarious because we were walking through the game park while tourists were driving by trying to look at game and we were joking that they were probably confused as to why a bunch of people were trekking through the park on foot. It was a trial run today! For the next week, that’s all we’ll be doing all day! Wahoooo!DSCN0113 DSCN0110 DSCN0109 DSCN0111

Next up, we drove through the Mangaliso park about an hour north to Cape Vital. It’s an area with picnic tables, campsites and a beautiful beach. On our way up, we stopped at a scenic overlook where we saw clusters of hippos, crocs and a few fish eagles in the distance. It was certainly a day of out-of-this-world views.DSCN0118

When we arrived at Cape Vital, we had a family picnic of chicken burgers that we enjoyed immensely.



Afterwards, we went straight for the beach!! It was a gorgeous sunny day, and the sand was a perfect sugar sand beach. Towards the water, however, is a coral and barnacle barrier to the water, so we weren’t going nuts in the waves by any means. We found little fishies in the pools of water and tried climbing up the barnacles to watch the waves. They did get the best of us at one point and knocked us straight on our butts and dragged a few of us across the coral. It was slightly painful and we got a little scraped up, but it was more laughable than anything else. Serves us right trying to battle the African wild waves right??DSCN0128

Setting fashion trends since '92. Towels for scarves!

Setting fashion trends since ’92. Towels for scarves!

Baywatch and Shawn

Baywatch and Shawn


Shawn the only man. What a stud muffin

Shawn the only man. What a stud muffin

On our way home we saw a mommy rhino with her little tiny baby!! It was totes totes adorbs. DSCN0149

This evening I went to fetch Miguel from Richard’s Bay Airport, and I’ll tell you that he is safely here and ready for program to start! We all hit it off very well. I can tell this is going to be an amazing week for us all!! We even had a little welcome braai for him to welcome him to Africa! It was a fantastic day here, and we all hope you’re doing well too.

See you next time when we are out in nomans-bush-land!!



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