It was a mighty mighty bitter sweet day… It was our final hoo-raw because we got to have a little party at the creche this morning. We woke up early again and had our last breakfast at the hotel. We took off once more out to Dukuduku village to visit the children. It was so wonderful having the kids get so excited again when we arrived. It’s the most special thing having them run up to greet us with their smiles and claps. We brought them treats and juice and toys galore.

P1090420 P1090423 P1090424 P1090425 P1090427

I wish you could all see their faces when we gave out the presents.¬†They were so incredibly happy and you could tell how appreciative they were for them. One boy as we were leaving didn’t understand that he could keep the racket and ball set we brought, so he tried to give it back to us thinking we only brought it for him to play for a little bit. One of the teachers had to explain that it was his to keep and he immediately broke into an excited dance and hopped away with his toy.

P1090429 P1090431 P1090432 P1090434 P1090438

Our party with lots of candy and chips caused them to have a major sugar rush as you can imagine but it was so much fun! We were taking pictures, playing with them and watching them goof around. It was a tearful and sad goodbye, but I know that everyone is really proud of what they were able to accomplish in the last week working at the two creches. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you’ve left having done something for these children that really needed it.

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When we got back, it was a quick pack up and then the majority of the group had to leave to get back to Durban. It was so sad saying goodbye… We all were on the verge of tears and going around giving hugs. We also had a massive group hug before they left. I can’t tell you how much fun we’ve had over the last two weeks, and how much we’re going to miss everyone. I know that we’ll see them in the future, though, and I’m confident that everyone will keep in touch and have an epic reunion some day.

P1090456 P1090457 P1090477 P1090480 P1090481

They arrive safely into Durban yesterday afternoon and had a nice dinner together and some fun afterwards. Everyone was pretty tired though so most went to bed slightly early. What a great way to send them off!! They all fly out tomorrow and we will update you when everyone is safely on their flights home to you!

Luckily, some of us get to continue the fun though!!! Shawn, Ariana, Cassandra, Amanda and I are staying in St. Lucia this weekend and then going on our adventure track and trail program starting Monday. We are pumped!!! We’re hoping to see all the animals we’ve seen and more up close on foot this time! Feel free to comment on the blogs because we love reading them!! Pictures to come soon from yesterday’s adventures!!

Till next time

-Sad sorrowful Ben and Tara

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