Our Final Days Together in St. Lucia

Hey y’all!

Yesterday was our last day to hang out with the kids in the creche and help with building. To make up for it, we did TWO (2) incredible things: First, we helped one of the local men who always watches and protects our bricks that we make in the community by helping him to plant his garden with cabbage and spinach. Delicious, yummy, spinach. As you can tell, the garden didn’t have much going for it!

The second incredible thing we did was throw a party for the children at the creches. After lunch we all joined together to celebrate the end of the volunteers’ time with the kiddos by doing face paintings, tattoos, and even giving out juice and candy for the kids to enjoy. Needless to say we were all very sad to say goodbye to some of our smallest and newest best friends.

At the end of our day, we all gathered up and took off to find some night creatures by going for a night drive through the St. Lucian countryside, and finally stopping at the beach. At the beach we all had a campfire of flashlights and played guitar, watched the stars (which you can’t take a photo of,) and enjoyed playing with the crabs! It was a great day. Here’s the photos from yesterday!20140702-153942-56382927.jpg















However, today was our last full day on program 🙁


This morning we started out by taking advantage of a well-deserved sleep in, and then spent the morning relaxing and taking in some of our last views of the little town of St. Lucia. But despite our lazy morning, we spent our afternoon quite busy with a few fun cultural activities.


After lunch, everyone got a chance to take a horseback ride through the beautiful scenery of iSamangaliso Wetlands park, which is filled with zebra, impala, warthogs, bush bucks, red diker, and wildebeest among other animals, and we were even lucky enough to catch a rare sighting of a jackal! It was cool getting to see the little guy head for the hills as we rolled up on our massive horses!


Everyone had an awesome time getting to try their hand at trotting, and even busting into a canter if they were brave enough to, which was pretty much everyone!


After our ride through the wetlands park, we all jumped back into the safari trucks to go out and visit the Zulu cultural village. In the village, everyone got the chance to sit down and watch a traditional Zulu medicine woman, known as a Sangorma, describe her medicines that she had made herself. Afterwards, everyone got the chance to have their fortunes told by her if they felt up to it. She said some crazy stuff!


When we had finished up with the Sangorma, we all headed into the traditional village area to see how the Zulu people of South Africa lived back in the earlier days before western influence. Everyone got to see how the single and married women dressed, how to grind maize, and how to call a man from another village in order to find a husband! Sadly, none of the Zulu men seemed too interested in taking on wives since they had no cattle to give in exchange for their marriage… darn!


After we had all gotten dressed up in our costumes, it was time to head out to the center of the village and take one last stab at Zulu dancing. I think the girls felt pretty empowered by their Zulu costumes, because they danced like I’ve never seen before!


Tomorrow morning we’ll all wake up and say goodbye to some of our favorite people in the whole wide world, Jag and Iona, who are returning home, sadly.

In the meantime, however, those of us on the African Adventure program will be gearing up to start our work in Mozambique! You can keep in touch with and find our new blog at: http://www.rovolunteers.com/africa-mozambique-coast-blog/

Be sure to keep up with us! We’ll be having an incredible time on the white sands and clear waters of Ponta D’Ouro!

Until next time!


Somehow, the internet stopped uploading photos while I was waiting for them to finish, and now my computer is saying I never imported the photos… so frustrating! But although there’s a lot of photos missing, but I’ve included all of the ones I have! This weekend I’ll pull some of the photos from other people’s cameras and give you all a photo update!

Everyone enjoying some cake for Hannah's birthday!

Everyone enjoying some cake for Hannah’s 20th birthday!

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