Parties and presents

Hey everybody,

I apologise for the such late notice, we are all safe and have had the most incredible time! On Wednesday we had another big day at the creche where we all got separated into groups again. The dream team (Lauren, Christina, Elyse and Connor) smashed out a day of making bricks listening to some real BANGERS while Jade worked supper hard as photographer sitting in a tree.

Lauren, Elyse and Christina taking a break from building all the bricks

We also had our main man Gideon on site to supervise. We managed to make 100 bricks and then went to help out at the other creche where the rest of the team had been working like absolute legends. In just one day they managed to make the inside of the creche an amazing and happy place for the kids. Kelly painted a Winnie the pooh, Amy painted a SpongeBob, Monica finished her Zootopia, Sophie made a cute whale and Jade worked on her Simba.

Amy with her spongebob

Jiahong, Danae and Lilly put the base paint on the Bathroom while Kiera, Emily and Elliot sweat it out while mixing cement and plastering. By the end of the day the creche was looking amazing and all our hard work had started to come together.

After the hard work that day Bekhi took us all to the craft market in the wetlands and we all got a few souvenirs and present for back home. It was an early night for everyone as we all worked so hard so we just finished all our ‘warm and fuzzies’ and headed in for sleep after dinner.

We were all so excited to have just a half day of working the next day because we were all a little sore and we were ready to partay! We arrived at the creche site and last groups of the week were sorted out. Lily, Connor, Danae and Monica were all finishing the plastering for the soup kitchen.

Lily finishing the plastering

Elyse, Lauren and Christina sanded down the walls in the soup kitchen and started applying the base coats.  Emily, Elliott, Sophie and Amy were building the rest of the bricks we would need to complete the toilets. Jiahong, Kelly and Keira were all finishing their amazing artwork in the creche.

Kelly and Kiera painting some beautiful pictures

We ended up finishing the soup kitchen, and the inside of the classroom looks so fantastic! This last week everyone has worked so incredibly hard and pushed themselves so much! I could not be more proud of these guys!

We finished!

We all went back to the other creche and it was time to celebrate the week with all the kids that we had been working so hard for. We had a quick lunch and then got to hand out all the donations and toys that everyone had brought for the kids. It was so cute and all the kids were so excited and grateful. We then had the biggest dance party and got to spend some down time with the kids. It was really rewarding to get to celebrate all out hard work. Sadly we had to leave and it was so hard to say goodbye to the kids and the creche but we then got to see a third creche that the previous reach out groups had worked at and it still amazes me how much hard work every volunteer puts in.

Always time for a group shot!

Once we arrived back home we decided to all get dressed up and we threw a little pool party to have a proper goodbye. We had a dance party and it was a beautiful send off for all of us to have one last hoorah!

Goodbyes are the hardest, and these last two days we had to say goodbye to half of our group as they were heading off to Mozambique and the rest of us were heading back to Durban to fly home. We all had a last breakfast together and then had a couple of hours to all chill together and relax.

Then it was time to give our final hugs and cuddles and head out. We jumped on the bus and Elyse, Sophie and Keira all chased after the bus until we were out of sight.

Our last goodbyes

We had a relaxed bus ride, most of us napped and we all did a little moon ceremony for the new moon to wish for some new experiences to come into all of our lives.

When we arrived in Durban we all just hung out by the pool, had some pizza and just chatted about all the amazing moments and memories we have all shared over these last two weeks.


I had a last goodbye to everyone and it was such a hard one, but we will all be catching up in February hopefully for a little reunion in Melbourne. What an incredible group I had, and I am so beyond lucky to have met some incredibly inspiring people!