Plastering, painting and productivity

Another great day on the creche site. And we got so much work done! Bekhi joined us today and helped us finish off the plastering for the soup kitchen.
He showed us how to mix the cement we would need by hand.

Aaron and Jackson mixing away!

Then how to plaster it on the walls and to get it as smooth as ever!
This took a while, but it was amazing to see the soup kitchen finally be completed with the cement!

Aaron and Jackson plastering, teamwork makes the dreamwork

Then it was on to finishing the base coat. We did the whole outside, and inside, and the kitchen is looking incredible! We only couldn’t finish the area with the wet cement so we decided to tackle that tomorrow!

Jackson painting the outside

Bekhi and Aaron on the other side with the finishing touches

We of course made time to take selfies with the kids.

Selfie time!

And also became bad influences by drinking juice straight out of the containers, so of course all the kids had to do it too!

Bekhi, the juice king!

We achieved so much today, and we can’t wait for tomorrow to see just how much we can achieve again!