Somehow this blog got lost into the abiss after we uploaded it!! That’s what African internet will do to you I suppose! Sorry about that folks.

It’s becoming a routine now isn’t it? Breakfast in the morning and then loading up and getting out to the crèches. We switched around the groups again and then got into the work.

Tara’s group today continued on all the projects we started on Monday minus the sand moving. We completed that yesterday, so now we can move on to bigger and better things! Working at this crèche is really about finishing up the work that has been done, putting the finishing touches on everything, cleaning it up and making sure the foundations/buildings are sturdy and long-lasting. Once this is finished, we can move on to another crèche that needs our help too!DSC07032 DSC07110 DSC07116

One group started painting tires more variations of colors for our tire pyramid while others helped plaster the toilet building. We had a few painting the inside of the soup kitchen and a couple helping Cia (one of the builders) on the roof in the classroom. Once all the tires on site were painted, we helped clear the little race track and are now trying to rid the track of weeds so we can eventually lay down some asphalt,DSC07121 DSC07145

We brought soup again for the kids, and they’re always so happy getting a meal here. Afterwards, we went to the other crèche to meet up with the other group for lunch. We had a bit of a shortened day for some because we were going horseback riding. Half of my group went straight after lunch, another group about an hour after that and then the final group stayed behind until our normal leaving time. We still got lots of work done during that time making more bricks, brick laying on the soup kitchen and sanding the classroom too! It was an awesome day!!DSC07126 DSC07149 DSC07168 DSC07140DSC07172DSC07162DSC07171DSC07111DSC07155

So things are going really well at the old crèche , when we first got here a couple of days ago it was overgrown and messy as the local council workers hadn’t been keeping things up together but now it is starting to look like a brand new fresh crèche again . The groups have swopped again today so the guys that began here on Monday were back again to finish what they started .

DSC07155 P1090268 P1090271 P1090272

First off today we had to move the blocks we had made at the beginning of the week in order to make some space for the new ones we will be constructing today so Maddie took charge of the boys and started scarping them off the floor with shovels and placing to the side of the concrete floor … these will then be used by James today for the soup kitchen .

P1090274 P1090281 P1090282 P1090284

Again the boys took the first shift of block making and began with a double mix to get the day started which was a great idea as some of us won’t get the whole day here as we have our horse rides this afternoon . Sheila and Claire decided to help James with the continued construction of the soup kitchen while the rest of the girls continued with the sanding down of the crèche itself which should be finished today so hopefully we can get that varnished tomorrow .

P1090290 P1090291

It’s a very warm day today which makes it very hard going especially with all the hard graft churning the cement and block mixes so we are making sure we keep ourselves hydrated . The toilets have now been restored to their former glory by being tied down again so they are now fully functional once again .


P1090294 P1090295After the first mixes are done we swop jobs so that everyone can have a bash at doing different things to keep it entertaining so around half 10 or so the girls take over the block making and the boys head down to take over what is left of the sanding .. T.L Ben has been using the strimmer this morning but handed over to Sam who wanted to have a go and did a very good job and looked like a pro !

P1090299 P1090301 P1090306

Towards lunch time the other group will be coming here to join us for lunch today making it easier for the first group who will be horse riding as we have to split up into groups of 7 so we all park off for some much needed chow before saying good luck to the first group of riders . While they are gone we still have plenty of us here to carry on with the work .

P1090308 P1090309 P1090311

Kali and Kass decide to help James with the construction , Sheila , Claire , Maddie and Nicole get another block mix going , Sam and Lydia finish off the last bit of sanding on the back of the crèche and the rest either begin sanding down the poles which shade the paved area of the crèche or take some time out to play with the kids .

It’s been a great days work and the crèche is looking absolutely fantastic .. one more day left here tomorrow to get things finished off and make as much progress as we can with the soup kitchen.

P1090319 P1090321 P1090325 P1090318

Once we arrived at the stables, we quickly got saddled up and picked our horses and galloped off into the sunset. Well, it was more like a casual walk, but galloping just sounded so much cooler! We went along a game park and came upon some wildebeest up close, zebras and black backed jackal. The black backed jackal looks kind of like a mixture between a fox and a rabbit and is extremely rare to see, so we were very lucky to be able to watch it run and hop across the grass.

P1090327 P1090328 P1090337 P1090338

The sunset on our ride was absolutely stunning!! It lit up the sky with orange, pink and red, and was the perfect way to end the day. We also got to trot a little, which caused a lot of laughter because we all looked so awkward doing it. Plus, my helmet was bouncing up and down on my head and apparently I just looked ridiculous. I think they may have gotten it on video, so now I’m scared when that will pop up on my social media sites….

P1090347 P1090362

If the horseback riding wasn’t enough, Bertus, our awesome project manager here invited us all over to his house for a beer and some games afterwards. Him and his lovely wife Juliet were so hospitable and great for letting us all come over, and we had a really fun time! We played pool, darts, and chatted the night away. This week can’t possibly get any more fun!!! Tomorrow is our last full day at the crèches, so we’re hoping to get as much done as possible! High ho high ho, it’s off to work we go!

See you tomorrow!

-Cipo and S’phenqenqe (Ben and Tara)


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