FREE DAYYY!! Oooo man was it a nice day today! Not only was it our first day in St. Lucia, but we got to sleep in and just do whatever our hearts desired too! The sleeping in was the absolute best. We were so happy to finally have a real bed to sleep in and to get a bit of extra time to catch up on our sleep. Breakfast was at 9am consisting of eggs, toast, fruit and cheese. Yum!


Then at 10, we all went on a walking tour of town. We walked all the way down the main road (which only took us about 10 minutes). The town itself is quite small, but the surrounding area is fairly large because there is Game Park and a beach nearby. Ben showed us where all the main shops and restaurants are along the main street. Then we walked down this beautiful path that had trees all around with huge branches and vines hanging down. It was a beautiful little area.



James was really struggling to get up there

James was really struggling to get up there

Still struggling

Still struggling

James gave up hahaha

James gave up hahaha

We ended up down by a place called Honeymoon Bend. It sounds like a romantic area, but the sotry behind it is far from it. Apparently years ago, a newlywed came down to the area thinking that it was the ocean and decided to take a swim. Well, it definitely wasn’t the ocean and found their way into a crocodile’s feast and only one returned. It’s actually very sad, but that’s how it got its name. At least everyone knows now not to swim anywhere near there though.

IMG_3371 IMG_3382

After that, we continued our walk along the river and stopped at a nearby ski boat club where everyone got a cold drink and had a rest. It was a gorgeous view from the restaurant overlooking the river and the ocean in the distance. Some of us even went up to the roof to get a better view!

Short cut!!

Short cut!!

IMG_3380 IMG_3384 IMG_3389

We just wanted a coconut! We climbing up the tree Mulan style!

We just wanted a coconut! We climbing up the tree Mulan style!


P1110390 P1110391

We continued on once more and found our way to a strip of markets where a few guys have set up shop selling some cute trinkets. A couple of us got a few nice things and moved right along. On our way to the beach, we walked on a cool path made from wood and was built up a few feet off the ground. In the distance, we could see some crocodiles laying out on the sand and a few groups of hippos in the water and a Goliath Heron hiding in the reeds !! We even saw two hippos fighting out there. It was quite the scene!!

IMG_3395 IMG_3397 IMG_3402

P1110387 P1110394 P1110395 P1110399 P1110401

After that, we carried on and made our way to the beach. It was very windy there, which made the waves extremely large. It was probably the biggest swell I’ve ever seen, and it was so pretty! Some put their feet into the water and some tried to go a little farther and ended up with their whole shorts wet. Woops! It was great sitting out on the sand and taking in the view of the Indian Ocean. The beach goes on forever, and there were hardly any people there. At one point, before we could see the water, it looked like we were trekking through the desert. It was awesome!!

IMG_3406 IMG_3407 IMG_3408

By that time, it was almost lunch so we made our way back to our accommodation for some food! We planned a couple different activities for the afternoon, but unfortunately, it started raining again. Our plans were all supposed to be outside, so we had to cancel them. Don’t worry! We’ll get around to all of them this week, but we were definitely hoping to do more today. Instead, we got a little naptime, we had some game time and we had some hang out time. Even though we didn’t get to do what we were supposed to, we still made the best of it and had a very fun afternoon. We also appreciated having some relaxation because it’s going to be a long hard week of work and play, so in the end, maybe it’s for the best.

Then Will came up with the cereal box game where you place a cereal box onto the floor and with only your feet touching the floor you have to bend down and pick it up with your mouth .. seems easy right .. haha NO ! we started off with an Oreo box stood up and after every round took off an inch or so .. there was definitely some interesting techniques being used but they worked really well . The boys also surprised us with their flexibility ! haha

P1110410 P1110414 P1110416 P1110418

Although it was Will’s game he refused to participate saying ‘ I’m confident ‘ .. we had no idea what was about to come next !! With only a few inches left of the box we had had enough and made him play .. what did he do ??! He literally squatted down and kissed the floor !!! WHAT !!!! now we know why he wanted to play haha – CRAZY ! The rest of us carried on regardless and ended up litteraly doing what Will did and picking up a tiny piece of card right off of the floor !! Our eventual winners were .. Amelie , Emily , James and the Ostrich herself Elissa ! lol



This evening, we ate dinner in the boys room all together on the couches and chairs to avoid the rain. Some of the Canadians (Phil, Amalie and Eric) also made us one of their traditional dishes from Canada. It’s called poutine. It’s basically fries (chips) with melted cheese curds and gravy. It’s not the healthiest dish in the world, but it is so delicious. Despite the fact that we didn’t have all the necessary ingredients, they made some amazing poutine for us! We gathered around with our forks and ate it up so quickly! Thanks so much for the treat guys!

P1110425 P1110426

Tonight was spent just hanging out together! It’s great how comfortable we all are now after spending so much time together. We have an absolute blast together and it’s such a fun group. We can’t remember the last time we laughed so hard. Tomorrow we begin our work at the crèche. Everyone is so eager to finish everything we’ve been doing and make a huge difference in this community!

See you tomorrow, folks!

Benji and Taranator

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