Yet another beautiful and jam packed day ahead of us today so as always breakfast was between 7 and 7:30 and as most of us would only really have a half day of working we tried to leave as early as possible in order to be able to get more accomplished . Just before we left Ben read out some of your comments from the blog and it was soo great to hear from you .. especially Dave and his comment .. thanks Dave haha it gave us all a great laugh !! More please.

Because this afternoon we will be heading out to a place called Iphiva camp which is in the Isimangaiso Wetland Park we have to split the group into 3 so that we can all fit our rides in as there aren’t enough horses for us to all to go together so group 1 stayed with Tara at the old crèche and groups 2 and 3 headed with Ben over to the new crèche .

DSCN2737 DSCN2739 DSCN2740 DSCN2741

Tara’s group included Jordan, Shelby, Deborah, Elissa, Scout, James and Eric today. It was an awesome group of eight mates! We worked so well together today, and we had so much fun. We couldn’t help saying our favorite quote for our Wednesday fun, “HUMP DAYYY.” We worked our booties off today because we only have one more full day before we need to finish up.

DSCN2742 DSCN2743 DSCN2744

We painted the tires a bit more to brighten them up and make them pop! We also began building our tire pyramid!! We need a ton of sand to keep them all in place so that’s pretty much all we did was truck sand back and forth to the area we’re putting it in. We made the bottom circle and the second tier as well. We placed the sand where it’s needed in between and outside and set them all level. It’s a game of trial and error, and we had lots of teamwork in need too! It’ll be great to get that all finished tomorrow so the kids can play on it.

DSCN2747 DSCN2765

Some of the others took the block making very seriously. They mixed and pressed for ages and they made so many blocks in such a short time! We’re well on our way to having enough for a whole new project!

DSCN2766 DSCN2769

The kids had a teacher here today teaching lessons and they were singing songs all morning. They sounded like they were having so much fun. Then, before we left for the horse riding today, Scout and Elissa made sandwiches for all the kids at the crèche. They were so happy to get them! They ate them all up so quickly.

DSCN2770 DSCN2773 DSCN2780 DSCN2793

After our half day of work, we got to go horseback riding through a game park. It was the coolest experience because we got to get so close to the animals. Since they don’t recognize us as a threat on the horses, they don’t get scared away when we approach them. We all loved being on the horses too. It’s so peaceful and exciting at the same time!! We trotted a little bit and some of us got invited to canter too! It was the best day ever!!

DSCN2797 DSCN2802 DSCN2805

Ben’s group included everyone else and we had plenty to get on with today … lots more concrete making to finish the last part of the race track for the kids , more plaster making as we still had one side and ¾ of the back of the crèche to finish , finish painting the roof , putting the roof sheets onto the toilet , putting up the last few roof tiles on the back of the crèche , making road signs for the race track , tyre snake and tyre pyramid and we still had to do a few more sand loads for the tyre pyramid at the old crèche .

P1110757 P1110759 P1110760

Most of the boys began mixing the concrete and are now absolute pros at it ! who needs a concrete mixer when you have become as skilled as us ! By mid morning we had already made 3 loads and finished the race track for the kids and celebrated with a podium photo haha .. we thought that trying to stop the kids running over the wet concrete would be the worst of our worries .. we did however forget the chickens who left footprints when we had our backs turned .. argghh !!

P1110761 P1110763 P1110766 P1110768

Alyssa and Emily took on the task on plaster making which was their first time having at go at it but took the job really well and had that mix down  . Ben then suggested that we give Blessing ( our local plasterer ) a hand at plastering and to see if we could master that skill .. it took us a little while to perfect our techniques but do you know what .. we weren’t half bad and managed to put the first coat on the whole bottom half of the side wall .

P1110776 P1110777 P1110780 P1110782

Siya our other helper began putting on the roof of the toilet while everyone else was busy , once he had finished Will climbed up and cut the roof beams down to size to finish the job . Siya then went and showed Dan how to affix the roof tiles that were missing . Chris took hold of the pencil and started to draw out the track signs using his first cut ones to act as a template for the rest .. clever :p .

P1110786 P1110790 P1110795

After lunch we said goodbye to Tara and the first group and wished them luck on their horse rides while we carried on with the job in hand . For the afternoon we switched roles … Keira , Doug and Drey were on sand duty during the morning so they took a break from that and handed the reigns Amelie , Phillipe , Alyssa and Dev .

P1110798 P1110801 P1110802 P1110803 P1110804 P1110806 P1110808

After finding more roof tiles , enough to finish the job .. Doug and Drey worked as a team to complete that and did a fantastic job so that’s another thing to tick off the list .. Doug then went and helped James ( another helper ) finish plastering around the roof of the toilet on the outside . Dan , Emily and Keira made their way onto the roof to finish the first coat of roof paint .. even having enough spare time to lie back and enjoy the sun and amazing views from the crèche and have a bit of a paint fight !!

P1110812 P1110813 P1110817

Elisa joined Chris in finished the cutting of the race track signs with the jigsaw once we had managed to get the generator up and running with Will giving them a hand to and the edges down ready to be painted and put up tomorrow , let’s just hope the kids will stick to the rules of the road . Dev made her way into the toilet to take over from Doug and finish the plastering on the inside of the toilet roof and Will used the hammer drill to make the whole for the toilet waste pipe which will come out of the back of the toilet and down into the septic tank beneath . This was all going on while the second group left for their horse ride around 1:20 .

P1110821 P1110823 P1110824 P1110825

Things are coming along really nicely here and it’s just sad to know that we only have one full day left here at the crèche and we would love to be able to get the whole project finished before we leave but there is just still soo much to do but we will work our fingers to the bone trying ! As 2:20 come and hit us the last of us .. Dan , Will , Chris , Emily , Keira , Dev and T.L Ben hopped on the vehicle and got prepped for their turn on the horses .

P1110826 P1110827 P1110835 P1110838

We were riding through the Isimangaliso Wetland Park which is the largest National Park in South Africa as it stretches the whole way up the east coast of South Africa from St Lucia all the way up the Mozambican border and has been proclaimed a World Heritage Site because of it’s stunning natural beauty and extensive wildlife .

P1110841 P1110848 P1110849 P1110853

No sooner had we met our guide Dee and began walking out on horseback through the park we were literally metres away from Zebra , Blue Wildebeest and Warthogs . All of us seemed to take to horse riding really well seeing as most of us had never ridden before except Keira and Ben . Along the way we took the horses for some trots which let us tell you is not an easy thing to do and can be a bit of a painful experience on the butt cheeks !!

P1110863 P1110867 P1110854 P1110873

Keira and Ben even got to go on a canter with Dee as they had enough experience and may have a been a little too dangerous for the rest of us . It really was an amazing experience , this place is soo tranquil and peaceful with breathtaking scenery and was the perfect way to end another great day especially riding against the sunset on the way home .


A little before dinner we also had our first Zulu lesson so that we would at least be able to chat to the kids a little tomorrow and hopefully be able to understand a little of what they are saying haha . WOW … we never thought learning a new language would be soo difficult even if it was just a few basic sentences… they even have CLICKS and not just a click .. there are like 5 different types of clicks in the language … are you kidding us !! But we gave it our best shot and will definitely be trying some of our new found vocabulary skills out on the kids tomorrow .. they are going to be like .. WHAT ??!!! haha

We also got given our Zulu names , we had to pick our favourite letter of the alphabet and our name began with that letter … the funniest had to be Dev’s name .. Dudu ( hehe ) meaning Sorry For You . Then our Olympian Elisa got given Qhawe ( the Q is a click ) meaning Hero .. how perfect was that lol .

P1110879 P1110880

The end of the evening was spent on a night drive around St Lucia ( We told you it was a hectic day !! ) to see if we could find the Hippos wandering around the town as the so frequently do and that’s exactly what we did .. we found the Hippos along with Bush Babies , Bushbucks and Crocodiles lying in the Estuary .. we also heard talk that Leopards roam around these areas also but unfortunately we weren’t that lucky .. we have had such an amazing day though that it didn’t even matter , we are just soo tired now that if we don’t hit the sack we will never wake up tomorrow so it’s that time again folks , sorry !!


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