Sad day leaving the creche :(

Greetings to all, hope everything is going well on your ends. Last night was one for the record books, hail, lightning, and so much wind through out the night. No worries though by 8 am it was bright and sunny and ready for creche work. Today could not have been a more beautiful day to work in!. Today on arrival at the creche 4 people continued their work on the walls of the creche and 5 of them continued to make bricks for the classrooms!

The other group went to and nearby town and town and all bought snacks for the party and clothes, diapers and toys to donate to the children at each creche. After we split up the donations and ate lunch the real fun began. We started by handing out all the snacks to the children, candy, drinks, and even cake was bought, oh boy! After snacks it was a mad house with children and volunteers running every and each direction.  It was definitely  a sad time  when we finally packed up to leave, with watery eyes we left back to st lucia and our last group headed off to the horse back riding while the rest of us got some much needed rest.  But now we are taking zulu language lessons and going to watch a local troupe of kids that perform the traditional zulu dance. Tomorrow will be cape vidal, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in my opinion. So talk to you later!