Sunday funday

Today was our day off. To kick start the day- because we are an active bunch we went for a wonder around st Lucia stumbling across stunning forests, sand dunes and beaches.

We made it to the beach!

After lunch, we went to a cultural immersion evening. We got to walk through a beautiful traditional Zulu community while talking to the people In recently learnt Zulu. We all got our beautiful “single ladies” cultural outfits on, with Queen Emily and King Connor being selected to model married couples get up.

The gang in their traditional Zulu attire

As we all shimmied into a groovy tent the Zulu people sung and performed traditional drumming, singing and dancing. It is so empowering. You become immersed by the music, and the raw nature of their movements. Once again we got to rock our own moves in a hip circle, demonstrating our new found Zulu high kicks.

Amy trying the Zulu beer.

Once again, a massive day filled
With highlights, laughs, and dancing. So blessed to be here and soaking up the pure goodness of South Africa.

Elyse eating her monkey ball

Elyse x