Surprise! Early Volunteers, Early Blog

Hello hello!

We have a bit of a sneak attack blog post today! Technically the project starts tomorrow, but we had a good amount of volunteers arrive early, and were so excited to touch ground here in South Africa.

The main reason some volunteers arrived early is because it is the only way you get to swim with sharks! We have quite a few brave volunteers, but it is good to know we go swimming with black tip reef sharks and trained professionals so it is totally safe…even though it is still very thrilling!

Olivia, Hannah, Katie and Addison just after they first landed!

That will be happening tomorrow, so today was mostly a rest and relaxation day to catch back up on some sleep from all those flights! Everybody is super keen to get started and I can already tell it’s going to be an amazing group.

We had an absolutely delicious supper all together, and got straight to talking! After learning a bit more about where everybody was from, we covered some pretty good topics. Plants, sleeping habits, and probably the longest conversation about cows any of us have had!

All the volunteers that arrived early. Just finished a delicious meal!

Keep you updated with more pictures and stories tomorrow!