Well it’s finally here .. our last day here at Thanda Game Reserve and this amazing week has come to it’s conclusion and what a shame .. do we really have to leave ..?!!  It is with heavy hearts we rise for the last time in these beautiful tents and prepare our tired legs for one last hike through the bush to maybe try and find the elusive Leopard .

During breakfast we have a little chat with Pieter who can see how tired we are after this last week and suggests maybe taking a little drive to a rocky viewpoint overlooking the reserve to see if we can spot something from a distance and then maybe go and investigate ..

P1100669 P1100670
We arrive at said viewpoint and he wasn’t wrong , the view was breathtaking and being able to watch the sunrise over the horizon was a beautiful way to start the day . Those of us armed with binoculars started scouting the area for game life and it wasn’t long before we spotted a small herd of Nyala .

Then Laura’s hawk eye caught the sight of 2 White Rhinos a cow and calf .. maybe the same 2 we spotted the other day as it was around the area .. then just above them maybe 5-600 metres ahead of these Rhino we spotted another 2 White Rhino which appeared to be 2 bulls . It was a very chilled and relaxed morning and a perfect way to end our experience .

Before we headed off we also managed to see herds of Blue Wildebeest and Impala on the far hills , a Goshawk and a juvenile Martial Eagle . Pieter and Ben also spotted some weird silk webbing which coated a lot of the rocks here and had no idea what had made it .. turns out after some investigation work it was made by Silk Spinners which are very small insects which feed off of the Lichen on the rocks .



Also just as we were about to leave Hannah spots a lone Giraffe wandering down the road just in front of us and as we hadn’t yet had a very close sighting we took a drive to bet a closer look spotting a small herd of Zebra on the way down as well  .

P1100702 P1100705
We followed the Giraffe down the road just going about his normal business but he seemed to be heading somewhere so we continued to follow him down to the nearest watering hole , obviously thirsty . Unfortunately when we arrived there the hole was dry with just a mud bath left and even spreading his legs he was unable to bend down enough to reach what little was there .. such a shame .. aww .

So he just decided to have a munch on some of the local tree fauna around the area and had the world’s longest pee .. we are not kidding !! literally minutes !! he could have made a new watering hole himself !! haha . He was also joined by the herd of Nyala we had seem earlier who had also come down to have a drink .

P1100725 P1100726
But the morning was slipping by pretty quickly and it was time to return to camp to have a nice warm breakfast and enjoy our last few moments of this heavenly little paradise in the bush .. we gathered our things , loaded up the game vehicle and made our way to the gate to be picked up by Berti one of our other guides from St Lucia .

P1100732 P1100733

We even got to spend some time with the herd of Buffalo one last time which were right next to the vehicle .. we were soo close !!

P1100734 P1100738
We said our goodbyes to Pieter and thanked him for being such an incredible host and guide and for teaching us soo many new things and giving us the chance to have some amazing and unforgettable sightings and experiences during this past week . It was sad to leave him but hopefully we will get the chance to meet each other again .

On the drive back Ben asked Berti to take a different route on the way out of the reserve unbeknown to us to try and find the Cheetahs but to no avail as the Cheetah brothers weren’t laying down where they normally are but we did see some Ostrich , Warthog and Elephants on the neighboring reserve .


We hit St Lucia , left our stuff in our rooms and headed out into the town to do some last minute shopping in the local markets where Hannah tried her hand at bartering which didn’t go too well lol so Ben stepped in and gave her a helping hand and the both of us headed to the local jewellers to pick up a necklace as a permanent reminder of our wonderful time here in South Africa .

P1100744 P1100745
After a spot of lunch we headed back to our lodge to chill out for the rest of the afternoon before meeting up with some of the other volunteers who had just arrived back from Mozambique and will be flying out with us tomorrow morning aswell .

After a lovely last supper shall we call it a couple of us headed into town for a few goodbye drinks while some of us decided to have an early night after such a long wonderful week .. we wish we could tell you all of the stories from this past week but we have to save something to talk about once we’re back home 

So it’s good night for the last time from South Africa and keep posted for our small goodbye blog tomorrow …  .

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