That is a wrap!

Hey guys!

Bek the volunteer here checking in on our last night in St Lucia. Our day started off on a bit of a wet note but it didn’t dampen our determination to finish the main building of the crèche.

Thanks to a massive effort from everyone involved we were able to get it done! It was bitter sweet as we pulled away for the last time. There was a great sense of pride and accomplishment in ourselves and the groups before us but also a tinge of sadness at having this portion of the adventure come to a close.

Before lunch we made a quick trip to another crèche to see some more of the work that ROV has done in the area. Lunch was had at our normal crèche where we marked our time here with paint hand prints on the wall and had to say goodbye to kids we have spent the last week with (there were plenty of tears). The goodbyes continued when we got back to town with Toko (the experienced brick layer) leaving us for the last time.
Like all typical young adults we celebrated with ice creams (Cat had an ice block…it caused a lot of controversy). To wrap up our day after some well earned showers we went out for a nice dinner of burgers and pizza.

Unfortunately that ends our last full day in St Lucia 😫

Bye from Bek