The Crèche Begins

Sawubona! (hello in Zulu)

It was an absolute gorgeous day! It was the perfect weather to have our first day on the crèche!

For those of you who don’t know what a crèche is, it’s essentially a kindergarten or preschool for these kids. Without these places and people, most of these children don’t have an environment to be safe and enjoy being a kid. They also give the kids basics for education.

So the volunteers are about to get income in something life changing to these people. But first we have up our in the hard work. Be proud: these volunteers killed it again! Everybody was working so hard on plastering, Brick laying, and even moving sand! And obviously we had to play with the kids some too.

We also finished off the day with a gorgeous sunset boat cruise! We spotted some hippos and crocodiles. We even were lucky enough to see some of them playing, and a baby!

But that’s about it for today. Can’t wait until tomorrow.


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