They’re almost here!!!

Hello and welcome to Africa! You’re almost here! I know all of you have been traveling a long way, but we’re going to have an amazing time when you get here! We have even planned a traditional African spit braai (just a fancy word for a BBQ) for you all tomorrow to welcome you properly to Africa.

Now who is the we I’ve been talking about?? Well, we is Ben and Tara and we will be your team leaders for the next two weeks. I have been with ROV for a year now and have loved every minute of it. I love travelling and am very passionate about seeing the world and helping out communities in need, as I can imagine is true for you all as well. ROV has made a huge impact on my life and I am excited for this experience to do the same for you. Other than travelling, I also love skiing, hiking, biking and playing sports. I am also quite the human jukebox and love to sing. I have taken it upon myself to learn all the words to every Disney song out there as well as a wide repertoire of random songs. I love puns and bad jokes, I’m obsessed with coffee and recently my favorite flavor ice cream is pistachio. Basically, I’m a weirdo but if nothing else, I’ll be here for your entertainment! I can’t wait for you all to arrive. I’m so excited to meet you!DSC06973

Ben has been with ROV for three and a half years now and has run many many South Africa and Mozambique programs. He has lived here for six years, so he’s basically our inside local man. He loves being apart of the South African mission at ROV, and he feels that Africa runs through his blood. ROV has given him an opportunity to give back and help make progress in this amazing country. During his time off, he manages a backpackers or hostel in Durban, so he’s quite the people person and can make everyone smile with little effort. We share the same joy in singing, and we’re pretty sure you’re all going to come home with ears full of music. He loves keeping fit and healthy and is always up for an outdoors adventure. He shall be referring to himself as Ben10. He’s a goofball.DSC06950

Now get here already so we can have some fun! We will be updating this blog everyday, so all the family and friends can keep up with our activities. If for any reason it’s not updated straight away, don’t fret! Internet out in the game park tends to be a bit hard to come by, but we will definitely do our absolute best to update it everyday. Also, please feel free to comment on the blogs and join in on the fun. We have special comment reading time in the morning, so please make sure to make it as embarrassing as possible for your loved one. 😉 Thanks for reading, and we’re so looking forward to making a difference and having a blast in Africa!!

-The dynamic duo. Ben and TaraIMG_3095

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