They’re here, they’re here!!

They made it they made it they made it!! Everyone is here safe and sound and are all so excited for tomorrow!!DSCN0417Arrival pic

Starting with Colleen yesterday, we then had Grace, Madison, Ricky and Morgan arrive this morning. Followed closely by Tori, Arin, Kate, Stacey, Karan, and Taylor this afternoon. Then came Jourdan, Abby and Kayla early this evening. After those lucky few, I welcomed four lovely ladies Mia, Tarin, Andrea and Sasha. Then last but certainly not least, Kelly arrived safely tonight!

They have traveled long and far and can’t wait to sleep. We are all ready for a restful night’s sleep and then to get up and go out to the game park tomorrow. It’s going to be an eventful two weeks full of laughter, games, hard work, bonding and a ridiculous amount of activities! It’s crazy how fast this time is going to fly, but like I said yesterday, try your best to keep up with us!

I hope you all have a chance to say hello to your loved ones before we go tomorrow because they’ll be cut off from communication for a little bit. Fear not, I have the blog power and will be updating you on everything we do!! I hope you’re as excited as we are!! Just look at their happy happy faces!DSCN0419

Until tomorrow,

Jedi Master Tara