Tracking Animals!

And we are back!

We had quite a few amazing things happen today. We started nice and early to learn more about the camera “traps”. We even got to go to two spots within the park to collect the data from them!

These allow the game park to see some of the animals that can be more difficult to spot, using motion activated technology. After checking out some of the pictures themselves, the volunteers got to try their hand identifying some of the leopards!

We split into groups after lunch. One went on a walk through the jungle to try and get closer pictures of giraffes, zebras and more. They learned more about the animal’s tracks and dung.

The other group used radio telemetry to try and track rhinos and elephants. We got to try out the equipment ourselves. Although we didn’t have any luck finding those animals, we did get views of some impala and nyala!

Neither group had much luck finding anything, but little did we know there was a big surprise waiting for us back at the accommodation: a bull elephant! We got amazing pictures and it was the perfect way to finish off the afternoon.

We finished off the day by going on a sunset drive through the game park! The view was one for the scrapbooks. Not to mention, some of the volunteers were lucky enough to find rhinos and elephants, two of the big five!

After a filling meal, some of the volunteers played a game of songs before heading to bed. Going to have a great next day, and can’t wait to share it!


The boy volunteers doing their Boy Band photo