Tuesday 7th January

Tuesday started as another extremely hot and humid day. We had breakfast and then split into our two groups again. Group A was firstly off to try and track the disease free buffalo on foot and group B were off driving round the park in the game viewer to see if they could find the buffalos and do a game count and gender identification. We are doing this to try and monitor the number of buffalo and gender split each year to establish whether the herd is doing well or not.

Unfortunately Group A didn’t manage to locate the buffalo on foot, but we did come across one of the little 5, the rhinocerous bettle.

After Group B did their drive round the park the headed to the boma to start clearing the vegetation from the sides of the boma. This is to act as a fire break to protect the animals when they are in the boma. It was extremely hot and hard work and by the time Group A arrived to take over, Group B were exhausted!

The groups swapped over the activities and then we headed back to camp for a well earned break and some lunch.

In the afternoon we headed to the nearby cheetah rehabilitation centre and had the wonderful opportunity to get close to servals, caracals and the wonderful cheetah.

Everyone loved the experience, but the day was not over yet! We still had a night drive planned in the park to see if we could spot some elusive noctural creatures.

We headed out at about 8pm, after supper, and Riaan did a great job at spotting a flap-necked chameleon. The volunteers all had a chance to hold this wonderful creature.

We continued on the drive and found some blesbok, bluewildebeest, impala, a field mouse in a tree and a baby flap-necked chameleon. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to find the female leopard and cubs we had heard about, but nevermind. It was a great experience anyway.

Everyone headed to bed as soon as we got back to camp, tired from the long, but fun day.

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