Volunteers Here, There, Everywhere


So there was a lot going on today! Volunteers staying, going, and coming! For the most part, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to each other after two weeks of growing together. Most of the volunteers flew out today (except the ones staying for the Mozambique extension!)

Those two had a pretty relaxing day. It mostly consisted if eating some delicious food. But they also went to the beach for a bit, caught some rays, and caught up on some well deserved sleep!

Everybody who flew out today was feeling the love. There was so much tears at the airport (mostly by yours truly) alongside the goodbyes. Hard to believe most of us met just a couple weeks ago.

Although it was sad we had to do those goodbyes, there was also a bit of good news! We had a group of new volunteers arriving for the start of their project! It is so exciting to finally meet them! I can already tell it is going to be a great crew and an awesome season. (also missing a picture of Cody and Jake, but they are having a blast already!)

Other than that it was a pretty relaxed day. We caught up on some sleep, tried to wear off some get lag, and ate some pizza and pasta!

That’s all for now! Cheers,