We are blending

Back at it and it was a hot one today. We all woke up early and had breakfast and chatted about the adventures that were had the night before. Not much, just the usual Lauren and Elyse stories 😊
Once breakfast was had, we met up with Bekhi and Gideon and made our way to the creche. Elyse, Emily, Elliott and Danae were all on brick building duty and they smashed out the day with over 120 bricks!!

Danae with her first brick

Sophie, Lauren and Connor were all helping Toko with the plastering of the wall and they worked so hard that the whole inside is almost complete! There was cement thrown everywhere, but most of it did end up on the walls.

Lauren with her amazing wall!

While Amy, Keira and Kelly were all sitting above them while building the roof for the soup kitchen.

Keira, Kelly and Amy plastering the roof

Monica, Jiahong, Lily, Christina and I started on the inside of the creche and painted some beautiful pictures inside. And wow, is it starting to look beautiful and bright in there!

Jiahong with her panda

Monica and her characters from zootopia

Lunch was had, and we played around with the kids, it was a hot day though, so we mainly lazed around with them instead.

Nap time

We went back to work for another couple of hours and once we had finished our tasks we called it a day. The group worked so hard today, it was amazing they all still had energy.


We hung out for a couple of hours once we arrived back, and after dinner we went on a little night drive to spot some hippos. One car didn’t see much at all, some cute little bush babies and a spotted jenet. The other car on the other hand spotted zebras, a hippo, a buffalo and some other creatures they hadn’t seen yet. So it seemed to be an overall amazing spot.

The moment we got back though, everyone headed straight to bed, ready for another early morning at the creche.