We are the foundation!

Hey all! Teegs is back writing the blog after a few guest volunteer appearances!

I couldn’t be more proud of the work these volunteers are doing, not just today but always! It was hard but they are absoluately smashing it! On Saturday they made 87 bricks and yesterday they made 153! They continually beat their records and it always amazes me!

Today we start putting cement in the foundation of the soup kitchen for the 4th crèche! We have nearly finished plastering the inside walls of the 3rd so soon we will be able to put roof on the last classroom and we kept smashing out bricks and painting like no tomorrow!

Jami, beau, emmelie, Jordan, Monty and Becca! The team work in this group!


After a long and fun day, we all sat around a brai, which is like a South African BBQ and had a relaxing night, all heading to bed early beause we are pretty tired! still keen for some more digging, painting, mixing, plastering tomorrow!

Hope all is well

xoxo teegs


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