We blessed the roof

Another big day at the creche today! We all split up into groups again and started with our jobs. Lauren, Amy, Monica and Jiahong went over to the block making area but because the bricks from the day before were still drying they werent able to make anymore. Instead we all decided to move the other bricks and tidy the area up so there was more room for the rest of the group to create more bricks. And wow, we ended up moving and sorting over a thousand of these heavy bricks. I am so impressed with these girls!

Amy moving her bricks

Elyse, Keira, Connor and Elliott were all in the classroom painting some more beautiful artwork on the wall. We now have a beautiful tree, a sun, clouds, numbers and even some beautiful Zulu warriors dancing off to one side.

Connor with his Zulu warriors

Kelly, Christina and Emily finished off the plastering of the bathroom and worked on tidying up the window area as well.

Kelly and Christina plastering in the bathroom

While Sophie, Danae and Lily finished putting the roof on the soup kitchen and it looks incredible.

Lily, Sophie and Danae hammering the roof in

What an incredible day of hard work.

What a good looking group

Once we all came home, everyone was so exhausted so they all headed off to have naps and showers before dinner.
Then after dinner Elyse our master yogi put on a yoga class for us so we could all stretch out our muscles after a hard day of work!