We have arrived!!!!

They’re all here!!! After long days of travel and catching planes, they have all safely made it to South Africa! Even though they’re all tired, you can tell how excited they are to be here. We all can’t wait to go to the game park and have an adventure of a lifetime.

We collected Nikkita and Cheleigh first this morning followed closely by Phillipe and Amalie. Then came Scout, Keira and Shelby in the early afternoon. Pretty soon, we had half the group because Devon, Eric and James came in this afternoon. Last but certainly not least, the rest of the group got in tonight and we welcomed Drey, Doug, Elisa, Elissa, Emily, Deborah, Jordan, Alyssa, and Dan. They’re all here and ready to go tomorrow!

The ones who arrived a bit earlier in the day got a chance to see the beach, put their feet in the Indian ocean and get some exercise. It’s only about a 30-minute walk, but it certainly gets your heart pumping. It is a very nice walk though, and I’m really happy most of them decided to explore a bit today. It shows their excitement of being here, and it makes me even more excited because I know how great the next couple weeks are going to be. We also went out to a nice lunch nearby. It was relaxed and we got to know each other a little bit too.

As for everyone who arrived this evening, we had a big ol braai to properly welcome everyone to Africa. Braai nights are my absolute favorites!! It’s basically a barbeque, but everyone brings their own meat and stands around the braai and cooks their own meat. It’s such a community tradition here and people come from in town and who stay at the hostel to braai together. I love how collective it is. Plus, everyone shares and cooks for each other. It’s just a really good environment to spend our first night here. Tonight we’ll all be getting lots of rest and then we’ll drive to our game park destination tomorrow.DSCN2154 DSCN2155 DSCN2158 DSCN2159 DSCN2161

Flights were long and tiring, so tonight is going to be an early one. We can’t wait to get to know everyone and do some amazing work here in Africa! Again, please join in our fun by sharing some comments with us and thanks in advance for following the blog.

We’ll see you tomorrow!

Ben and Tara 🙂 🙂

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