We made it!!

Don’t fret or worry everyone. Your loved ones have made it safe and sound to Africa, and they couldn’t be more excited! Even though they’re all battling through the jet lag, I can tell that everyone can’t wait to get started. We all went for lunch at a local spot, and spent the afternoon getting to know each other. Tonight we are making a traditional Braai for everyone smoking lots of meat on the fire and getting the locals to join in with the festivities. We also had a dance party and lots of games to get the bonding rolling. Tomorrow we’ll be up bright and early to head out on our adventure to the Game Park!! Wahoo!! Thanks for tuning in and we’ll update you tomorrow.

-The dream team. Ben and Tara IMG_3115

We wanted to be in the picture too!

We wanted to be in the picture too! It’s a bit dark though


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