So the time has come once again to start yet another African adventure . And we can finally say welcome to our new Reach Out Volunteer group . I suppose I should introduce myself , my name is BEN ( Ben10 , Fox , Sipho ) or whatever you want to call me and I will be Team Leading the group for the next 2 amazing weeks here in South Africa .

I have been with Reach Out Vols for the past 4 years and will be looking after your loved ones for the next 2 weeks so don’t worry , I have plenty of experience here in the land of wonder so they will be looked after and shown the time of their lives :p .

We have a fairly small group this time which is nice as I’ve found on previous programs we all bond a lot quicker and become a TEAM .. the only thing is .. they will probably enjoy it soo much that they won’t want to come back home so I apologise for that in advance haha . Even after meeting everyone for the first time today I can see that it’s going to be an incredible 2 weeks and I’m sure they will LOVE IT … if not you can blame me … ( please don’t ) I Just say that to cover my back lol .

So after picking everyone up from the airport we all gathered at Tekweni Backpackers for our first night together for a lekker ( awesome ) Braai ( barbeque ) so we can all begin the journey of getting to know each other ready for the next 2 weeks .
To quickly introduce you all to everyone we have …. Ali , Annabelle , Nicole , Sarah M , Hamish , Bert , Michala , Geremy , Leanna , Merinda and Sarah Y . Over the next few days names might change slightly as I’m sure we will all be given nicknames of which I will make you aware :p .

I would explain a little about what we will be doing over the next couple of weeks but I want to leave it as a surprise for you all back home to make sure you check this blog EVERYDAY !! You have been warned :p . The signal in the Game Park for the first week can be a little eratic so I will upload as and when I can so please don’t freak out if you haven’t heard from us for a day or so .. the blog will follow shortly .. If you don’t see your loved one in a photo for a day or 2 they may have been charge by a Rhino or be riding a Hippo around somewhere but please don’t fret .. I will rectify the situation and get them back home safely to you :p . ( I’m joking )

Here’s a quick pic of us all enjoying our first meal together for the mean time ..
So yeah … stay tuned and follow our incredible African adventure over the next couple of weeks and please feel free to comment as I know the vols will love to hear from you . I’ll also be writing the blog in 3rd person from the perspective of your loved .. but it’s still me writing so I can take all the credit haha ..


ENJOY and much love from South Africa … everyone is here safe and sound and tucked up in bed ready for our first day tomorrow where we will have our first surprise for you all !!!
T.L Ben