Weekends are for relaxing!

Hi hi hi!

So today we actually had the day off to do whatever we wanted! It was pretty relaxing, but it also made it a bit more difficult to grab pictures. So instead I’ll be sharing some of my favourite photos from the past week instead today!

There was a bit of rain on and off throughout the day. So instead of eating out in the rain, we moved everything inside, and had a bit more of a tight knit gathering. It was awesome to really enjoy talking to one another even more than we already do.

With a day off on the weekend, that obviously meant we had time to do some shopping. We definitely headed down to some of the gift shops, and naturally, the local markets. We bartered our way into some great deals and picked up some souvenirs to remember out time here.

Around supper, we decided to take the “day off” seriously, and watched Pitch Perfect. All of us got together with snacks in hand to watch the hilarious sing-along. A surprising amount of the volunteers have never seen the movie before, so it made it even better! But that’s about all we have for today. There will definitely be more tomorrow, so be sure to check it out!