Welcome to South Africa, Lady!

Hello all!

We are Casey and Daniel, your incredibly awesome and insanely good-looking team leaders for everyone on the Dukuduku Crèche and Gamepark program!

Everyone has landed safely and soundly in Durban, and are all off to bed! Today is mostly a day for getting everyone together and briefed on what we’ll be doing on program!

We kicked things off by enjoying a traditional South African braai filled with boerewurst (YUM,) and pork chops, grilled veggies, salad and rolls. Always delicious!

Before that, a few of us who turned up early took a quick stroll to the beach before it got too dark. The Indian Ocean is so warm this side of Africa!

Tomorrow we set off to St. Lucia, where we’ll be jumping straight into the local Zulu culture, meeting some of the most incredible animals found anywhere in the world, and making some of the best friends from all over.

Before we go, here’s a few photos of what we saw and got up to!
Get excited and stay tuned for daily updates!

-Casey & Dan




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