Back to the crèche!! Day two with the little cuties today, and we’re making so much progress at both places too! Breakfast was an early 7:30 again, and then we were off to start the building!!

We’re diggin it!! Tara’s group today was switched and included Jesse, Sean, Claire, Lydia, Sam, Brett, Maddy, Amanda, Sheila and Nicole. We moved a lotttttt of dirt today. Wowza! We had a few massive piles of sand that needed a moving, and that’s precisely what we spent most of the day doing. We were caravanning it from one place to the other, but at the end of the day, we accomplished all the moving. It was such a big job, and I can’t be more proud with how much work they did today!DSC07055 DSC07064 DSC07106

Along with the digging, we all chipped in painting the ceiling again and completing the cornices along the top of the wall in the soup kitchen. We also continued our rendering or plastering of the outside of the toilet. Now with all the sand moved, we can begin plastering the entire building!! Some of us spent some time painting an array of tires so that we can build a tire pyramid for more play equipment for the children. Yes, they are all quite TIRED from the day. Overall, I think it was incredibly successful and rewarding. The progress is amazing!! I love how motivated and high-spirited this lot is.DSC07073DSC07032DSC07058 DSC07057

We brought lunch again for the kids, and they were really excited to receive soup, bread and juice this time. We can’t get over their smiles. It really makes the day go by faster with the happy kids always around us.

P1090226 P1090229

DSC07098 DSC07084 DSC07080 DSC07041 DSC07040

So back at the old crèche today with T.L Ben where all the hard graft is being put in we have the other team of Shaylee , Hayley , Connor , Cori , Ariana , Kali , Nicole , Kass , Karla and Lara who will be getting their hands dirty .

We are following the same schedule as yesterday in that we will split into smaller groups for different jobs and then swap every 90 minutes or so . Four of us went and helped Richard begin the block mixture for the morning as we still need to make quite a few more blocks in order to finish the soup kitchen this side .

P1090195 P1090202 P1090203
The rest of us broke of into pairs and carried on the rest of the work .. finishing off the sanding down of the crèche , helping James with the cement mix and actual building of the soup kitchen and clearing of the crèche grounds . Today we also had a new weapon in our armoury .. a petrol powered strimmer !! haha and we definitely had some fun with that !

P1090204 P1090206 P1090212 P1090213
Throughout the day Connor and Cori took the helm of the strimmer and did an absolutely amazing job with clearing ¾ of the grounds of all the weeds and overgrown grass that had engulfed the crèche over the last few months . Kass took it upon herself for most of the day to finish clearing out the vegetable patch with Lara taking over for the afternoon and it is looking great !! All we need now is some fertiliser and some seeds now .

P1090221 P1090222 P1090223 P1090224
We all paired off throughout the day for the sanding with Shaylee and Haylee , Lara and Karla and then Kali , Kass , Ariana and Nicole taking over until we ran out of sandpaper .. good hustle girls !! Only the top sections of the crèche to finish now before hopefully re-varnishing on Thursday .

P1090231 P1090236 P1090237 P1090242
For the most part of the day Kali and Nicole , Cori and Ariana took on the duty of aiding James with the building of the soup kitchen and we believe we may have discovered a couple of master bricklayers in our midst .

Everyone had a go at block making today which was fantastic as it definitely is the most arduous task of the lot with a lot of strain on the arms mixing 3 wheelbarrows full of sand and 50kg of cement together and then re-mixing with water to make a dry mix … we can even see the biceps forming !! Our block making was kind of disturbed during midday as we had some rainfall which ruined a few of the blocks we had already made but we reused the mix and formed new ones so we didn’t waste anything .

As you can see it is really starting to look different already !! 🙂

P1090244 P1090245 P1090247 P1090249 P1090255

At the end of the day some of the older kids joined us which gave us some time to relax and have some fun with them playing on the Jungle Gym , playing catch and messing around on the tyre snake .. yoh these kids can move and swing , it made us feel old haha . It’s a shame there aren’t that many kids here at this crèche during the day but it’s because a lot of them have gone off to school now and why they only joined us late once school had finished .

This afternoon we had some free time, and everyone was eager to go out on the town and get some shopping done. The little shops down the main strip have all kinds of unique wooden carvings of animals, utensils, bowls, etc. They also have loads of jewelry. I think the boys were more excited about their man bracelets than the girls were!! Tonight we had another delicious meal from Busi .

P1090257 P1090259

For the night drives we stuck to our groups from earlier with Tara’s group heading out with Berti and Ben’s group heading out with Richard . It turned out to be a great nights viewing as we had sightings of Hippo , Bush Buck , Spotted Genet , Crocodile , Red Duiker , Bush Baby , Zebra and Impala

BUT …. The sighting of the day had to be … wait for it … a BROWN SPOTTED HYENA !!!!!

P1090261 P1090262 P1090264

Tomorrow is a new day, and we’re all excited to continue our projects!!

Sizobonana (see you later)

-Sipho and S’phenqenqe (Ben and Tara)

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