What A Day!

G’day everybody!

And what a great start it was! Before we got to any of the activities for the day, we began with a gorgeous sunrise. There was a little fog in the valley and it was magical.

Two days ago we did the bush walk and radio telemetry (rhino tracking). We did the same thing this morning, but switched the groups so they could experience it all. The volunteers almost found a bull elephant, but it was too hidden by the bushes! The rest of them had a relaxing walk, and one of the best ways to wake up in the morning.

We made sure to take a little break, but everybody was feeling so energized! We headed out shortly to remove an alien invasive plants from the game park. Because of how they grow and live, this plant unfortunately kills off all the native shrubbery that animals need as a food source.

We did a miniature and friendly debate about the legalization of rhino horn trade. Both sides discussed the topic extremely well, and there was no clear victor. It was very obvious everybody was engaged with the topic.

And lastly we finished off the day with a night drive! As one of the lost ones for the project, it’s great fun! All the volunteers were having a blast trying to find leopards. Unfortunately no luck there, but we did have some really good finds: buffalo, black backed jackal, and more!

We are about to head to bed though. We have an early day and are heading to St. Lucia! Going to be an awesome week!


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