What are the odds?

I just want to start off this blog by saying how incredibly fun this group has been. I’m sorry for the delay in posting, but we’ve had some internet issues and have spent way too much time having fun. Yesterday was very bitter sweet to say the least.

We went off to the crèche in the morning and brought all the kids some toys, games, books and far too many treats. We gathered the tables, chairs and bowls and we filled them up to the rim of candy and savoury snacks. We laughed because we knew we were leaving the poor teachers with a bunch of sugar high kids afterwards. The important thing was that they had an absolute blast. They were enthralled with the bubbles and the balloons and we spent forever playing with them. Everyone contributed something to the party, and it was such a success!DSCN2870 DSCN2873 DSCN2876 DSCN2878 DSCN2880 DSCN2883 DSCN2884 DSCN2887 DSCN2893 DSCN2895 DSCN2905 DSCN2909

Of course, because these kids are too easy to get attached to, we all had the hardest time saying goodbye. It pains me to have to tell everyone it’s time to go because I get so much opposition. The classic, “can we have five more minutes please??” is my favourite. At some point though, we had to say our goodbyes. It was very difficult. They all just waved at us and jumped around as if we would be back tomorrow. We hope that we can come back again someday though!P1110976 P1110977 P1110978 P1110979 P1110981 P1110986 P1110991 P1110994

After the party, we drove all the way back to Durban and back to civilisation. We stayed at Tekweni Backpackers again, which is always a fun experience because the people are awesome and there is music playing at all times. It’s a great vibe here. There was even a live band playing last night! Their songs were hilarious. Dinner was delicious too! We tried the famous “Bunny chow.” It’s a Durban dish that is a bread bowl of spicy delicious curry. Yummmm so good! They serve it in a bread loaf where you can get a quarter or a half loaf with curry in it. It’s massive!! Will was the only one who managed to eat the whole thing! BEAST! DSCN2916 DSCN2917 DSCN2920

Throughout the night, we played a game called “what are the odds.” It’s pretty much a dare game, but in this version, the person who is dared gets a chance to choose his/her odds. The odds can be one out of 5, 10, 20 and so on and then the person who dares and the person who was dared need to think of a number. Then, on the count of three they both say their number. If it happens to be the same number, whatever the stakes are means that person must do it. We thought of some ridiculous things.

At dinner, we were laughing uncontrollably at the things people had to do. For instance, I had to walk up to a complete stranger and propose to them. If you’re wondering, he said yes! Cheleigh had to bark at the waitress every time she approached the table, Chris had to go and massage the insides of Jordan’s ears, I had to dance up on the drunkest guy at the bar, Elissa had to take a drink of Dan’s water and spit it back in, etc. We were dying of laughter. I’m not even joking.

This group has been incredible. That word doesn’t even express how great they were. Not only did everyone connect, but we were all so similar. On multiple occasions, we heard people say it was the most they’ve laughed in ages. Between the games, the stories and the crazy experiences together, I think it’s safe to say this trip with be one everyone remembers. I know Ben and I certainly will! You have raised a bunch of amazing young adults. They are all caring, witty, light hearted and unique. Thank you for letting us share these moments with them, and we really hope to see all of you again soon. What are the odds we’ll reconnect again?? 1 in 1! We will all definitely see each other again in the future! We love you so much!!

Thank you for following us throughout this journey. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed sharing it with you. All of your loved ones were sent off safely today and are making their way back to you as we speak. They are all inspiring and incredible individuals, and we know they will all go so far in life. We can’t wait to see what life has to offer them and we wish them the best in all of their future endeavours. We will cherish these memories!

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Our last sign off,

Team Leaders Ben and Tara