Whoaaaa nelly!

After all that craziness of the week, today we got a free day to do whatever our hearts desired! I thought they were all going to kiss me when I told them breakfast was at 9am the next day too. Their faces were absolutely priceless. Don’t worry guys, I accept tips in the form of chocolate ;). We had an awesome time together last night seeing the town and celebrating Jourdan’s birthday. It was our initiation into Africa sleepy town life, and I’m pretty sure everyone loves it already.IMG_1382 IMG_1300IMG_1323

I'm so short, I'm like a arm rest

I’m so short, I’m like a arm rest

This morning, everyone looked so refreshed after getting a full night’s sleep, and breakfast was delicious! After that, I sent them on their way and they all dispersed themselves into town. Most were determined to get trinkets, Africa themed jewelry, carvings, hair braiding and freshly cut pineapple. I think its safe to say that they are all coming back with some pretty cool gifts and memorabilia.IMG_1378

It was a pretty relaxed day, but the main portion of the day was spent doing a super duper fun activity! We got to see horsies today!!!! The stables are only about a five minutes drive away, and we each got our turn riding a horse in the center of the Simangaliso Game Park and Estuary. Since the game only sees the horse, we get really close to them in the park. It’s like we’re invisible!! We got really close to some zebras and wildebeest today! However, the most fun part was the riding. We walked most of the way, but in the middle, we got to trot and some of them got to canter with the guide! I was so determined to get invited to canter (it’s only for the more experienced riders) but alas, it looks I need some more practice. Next time, I’m doing it!!DSCN0947 DSCN0941SAM_0538

It was still an incredible thrill trotting and being on a horse though! It was a whole hour in the park, and we all went in three groups. One group’s photos unfortunately won’t work on my computer, so those ones will have to wait, but I got mostly everyone captured on their horse!DSCN0954 IMG_1391 IMG_1396 IMG_1400 IMG_1405IMG_1414

In between riding, some decided to go to the beach to play in the waves and soak up the sunshine. They also went to the riverside markets, ski boat club and spotted some hippos and crocs while they were there!SAM_0580 SAM_0558 SAM_0571 SAM_0573 SAM_0585

Meanwhile, we went to collect Laura from the airport, and we are so happy to say that she made it here safe and sound with no issues! She is tired, but we are so excited to get to work tomorrow!

While today was still eventful, I think it was just what we all needed. We got to know the town a bit more, got some shopping in and had a little horse adventure. We’re all very content with today. Tomorrow we start our work at the crèche. I can’t explain the excitement buzzing in the air for that. I know the kids are going to swarm the cars with laughter and smiles tomorrow! It’s going to be so fun!

Until tomorrow folks!!

Trotting Tara

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