These guys are a crack up. It’s just constant laughter at all times. I am so happy we all have another week together because it’s too much fun. If there is any type of silence, someone somehow manages to get the group laughing again. I had the hiccups twice today for goodness sake!!

Last night we all spent time together at a local place meeting new people and hanging out together. We stayed out a wee bit late, but everyone had such a fun time. It was perfect, though, because today was kind of like a free day for us to do anything we wanted. We had a bit of a sleep in, then a breakfast at 8:30. After that, most of us went back to bed or went out to the beach. St. Lucia is right on a river that feeds into the Indian Ocean. A bunch of peeps got their beach on and went into the chilly, big ol waves and got a little tanning action going.






Around 11, tour guide Ben took us on a walkabout around the town showing us all the nooks and crannies of the area. We took a scenic route through a path in a wooded area, and it was gorgeous. It was a lazy stroll, but we were all happy to get out and about and see everything. We found a few dung beetles that we passed around the group. Dung beetles are actually really vital to the environment here and so they have dung beetle crossing signs all over the place. That means people in a car need to stop and wait for the beetle to cross the road. Can you imagine having to wait for that??

St. Lucia is also known for its hippopotamus and crocodile population. There’s over 800 hippos and 1200 crocs around here!! Say what?!?! Don’t worry, we’ve coached everyone on how to handle a hippo if they decide to stroll into town one night. All they have to do is find some stairs because the hippos can’t go up them. Easy peasy.

P1080963 P1080964 P1080965 P1080966

That’s a perfect lead in to our next activity because this afternoon, we scheduled a croc and hippo cruise through the river. We saw so many hippos (or as the guide called them, hippoooos), crocs and unique birds like the fish eagle, egyptian goose, great white egret, reed cormorant, pide king fisher, giant king fisher and a goliath heron. The weather was perfect and the sights were out of this world. The lazy crocs having a nap and then slithering into the water was an incredible sight. We also found clusters of hippos sleeping or feeding and they’re so funky looking. When they poop, they swing their tail around super quick so it flies everywhere. It was absolutely hilarious watching them do it and then have everyone freak out with confusion. Everyone was like, “what IS he doing!?”

P1080968 P1080970 P1080972 P1080982 P1080983 P1080991 P1080992 P1080997 P1090003 P1090004 P1090010 P1090014 P1090031 P1090027 P1090019 P1090017

Tonight was spent once again playing games. I don’t know how many we’ve introduced now, but I guarantee you they’ll be coming home with lots of new family and friends game material! Who needs TV and video games now, right?? Tomorrow we’re starting our first day at the crèche, and we couldn’t be more excited to meet the little cutie pies! The real work begins, so they better be ready for some work!!


Till tomorra!

-Tarzan and Jane (Ben and Tara)

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