We got THE POWER!!!

The power went out yesterday evening so we couldn’t post a blog, so we’ll catch up now!

We had a full work day yesterday, starting with gathering lots of supplies for the project at the school. We had to get lots of pipes and all the right plumbing fittings. Once we were at the school again, we found we had to re-dig some of the trenches because the rain had washed some of them in a little. Once all the trenches were dug we started laying pipes and connecting the fittings to start installing the taps. We got 2 taps installed under trees around the school and another two near the bathrooms for the students to wash their hands –  we got quite a lot done. There is more to installing taps than some of us thought! Digging trenches can be hard and tiring work. At the end of the day we filled them in again to cover the pipes up and our arms were sure tired by then! We experienced using some new tools like a rotary hammer drill and an angle grinder. We also had a couple of local children come down and watch us work, we took some pictures with them and one little girl was quite intent on helping us however she could, snapping thin sticks to make dowel and helping us pull bindies off our clothes and shoes.

20151217_134339After a long day working we came home and had a delicious, healthy dinner of angel fish served with rice and salad. We also practiced making some famous Brazilian cocktails, caypirina, which we tasted at a beach bar the other day. Zoe and Geremy spent about 45 minutes crushing up vodka, lemons and ice in the kitchen with some sticks we found in the backyard. Then we settled in for a relatively early night because we needed to get up very early today!20151217_160649

Today at 4.30am we woke up to go on a dolphin swim! The guide, Angie, took us through some basic rules for the dive then we drove down to the beach. We all helped push the boat in and then off we went!
We had snorkeling gear so we could actually jump in with the dolphins and 20151217_154330swim around near them. The dolphins were meant to initiate all the contact and we were happy when they started swimming circles around us. Some of us had underwater cameras so we got some great shots of them. W e also took the boat to some reefs to snorkel, where there were tonnes of fish to see! after that we came back 20151217_153810to the bamboo room for breakfast of pancakes and Mozambique peri peri chicken livers YUM!!

Got to sign off now, getting ready to have surfing lessons! 20151217_15130820151217_154330 20151217_160627  20151217_161343 20151217_182155 20151217_183907

Catch you later 🙂