Diggin up them holes

Straight to work at the school grounds this morning! We arrived at the worksite at around 8 AM, and worked our butts off all the live long day till 5 o’clock this evening. We started by measuring off the area where we would be building. Then we spent a good position of the day digging holes to place the wood beams for the structure of the building. After that, we started with digging a trench going around the whole building, filling it with rubble, and then finally mixing around 10 bags of cement and poring it into the trenches to secure the wood beams.

Throughout the day we had visitors from the school. Kids checking us out, seeing what we were up to, and even getting friendly with some of the volunteers.. so friendly at one point, that Dani had 5 children petting her long blonde hair! Ahahaha. Sean and I decided everyone could use a treat for working so hard, so we got everyone an ice cream treat. Everyone loved it! Especially me.

Even though it was an extra long first day, it was so worth it! We completed all of our tasks for the day, and by doing the cement portion of the work, we actually put ourselves ahead of schedule! Yeeeehawww! Tomorrow is another full day, but we’re hoping to finish early so we can all check out the local market.

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