So here we are, our last day in Mozambique, and what a day!

We were up nice and early to do our dolphin dive at 7:00am. Within 5 minutes we came across our first pod of dolphins, they were a bit more playful than the other day. They came and swam in and out the group circling us and play fighting and we even witnessed a mating session. After a good 20mins with the dolphins we jumped back on the boat. However, as we swam back toghe boat a few bluebottles came out of nowhere and gave some of the volunteers a nasty sting.

The trip continued and after heading up and down the coast line, we had just about given up when we spotted the 2nd pod. We had far less time with this group but as we sped away they obviously didn’t want us go leave as they followed us.

After the dive, we headed to the local school, where reach out has done previous work, and we were greeted like old friends. We got a tour of the place, and even got to give a short English lesson. We were like Celebes and I had took make sure none of the volunteers stole a child to take home.

After lunch we headed to the work site one last time and continued to build the walls up. On this last day we ended up finishing all the bricks we aimed to finish.

After the work, we then headed to a family we knew who had a child who couldn’t walk. The family couldn’t afford a wheelchair for the child and in an act of generosity that warmed my heart the volunteers all chipped in to buy one for the family. What was a lot of money for the family was nothing for the group and I think we all got emotional when we presented it to the mother and father.

As we spend the last night in Mozambique, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in how amazing the volunteers have been. From those that have been with we 5 weeks and those that have only join me 2 weeks ago I really hope to see them on a project again.


P.s. photos will be upload tomorrow