Well today is our penultimate day here in Ponta D’ouro and our last full day of working at the school , where has the time gone ?!!! It’s been soo amazing being here that it has just flown by . But with still lots left to do we grab a bite to eat and head out with Callahan following us shortly after .. or so we thought … lol .

P1100188 P1100192
Arriving at the school we discuss with Arthur our tasks for the day , grab the tools from the principals office and get cracking . Anthea as always begins with her English lessons with the older kids teaching them about rooms in the house and what you would do in each of those rooms .. she is getting soo good at it that the kids are even coming up to us while we are working and speaking to us in some English !!

P1100195 P1100202
The rest of us .. by that we mean the girls and Ben make one final cement mix to finish off the majority of the plastering as that was one of our original aims for the 2 weeks and begin the process of installing the plumbing for the toilets .

P1100207 P1100208 P1100210
An hour or so goes by and there was still no sign of Callahan .. hmmm but talk about talk of the devil no sooner had we mentioned his name he comes walking around the corner with Thenji . They had been to see one of the local nurses as a bite on his ankle had become swollen and it turned out to be a spider bite .. eish lol But with some antibiotics and antiseptic cream it started to heal .. nothing will stop us from completing this !!

P1100215 P1100220
Anthea’s lessons didn’t run for as long today so during the morning so joined us to lend us a hand . The rest of the morning was spent digging small trenches for the waste pipes to lay in .. and knocking holes in the side of the septic tank and overflow so that the waste can run from one to the other . Maybe we should have done this during the building process haha . TIA ( This Is Africa ! )

P1100226 P1100227 P1100231 P1100234

Some of us had also brought sweets into the school to give to some of the kids but JASSIS !! If you ever want to see a stampede just take some gum and watch hundreds of kids come running at you and mauling you haha !!

Also this morning a local radio station is coming into the school to meet with Nicole as she is our fluent Portuguese speaker to  talk about our program and the experiences we have had while we have been here .. seems we are causing quite a stir here in Ponta !! :p

We also had to dig trenches from the back of the septic tank up towards the back of the toilet block making sure there was always an angle so that the waste would flow easily . As we were just finishing the trenches it was time for lunch so we headed into town to hit the Coconut Can , we picked up lunch and then ventured back to Grant’s house to chow .

This afternoon we have a bit of a surprise for you as Quinci and Anthea decided not to use their 2nd dolphin swim and instead opted to have money taken off of a paragliding session and we had some great wind conditions this afternoon for this !! 

So as the rest of the group head back to the school to finish off a few things Ben , Sean and Grant joined Anthea and Quinci up to Ponta Malongane where Sean has his own Paragliding resort !! As we reach the resort and see the take off area above the cliff it is absolutely stunning with beautiful views of the coastline .

P1100271 P1100274 P1100282
We set up and got the cameras ready while Quinci got into her harness and was briefed by Richard who was our tandem instructor for the day . Although a bit reluctant at first once she was up in the air and flying up and down the coast the smile on her face was HUGE !! ( But to be fair when has it not been hahaha ) .

She even got to take control of the glider once being taught how to steer left and right and go up and down . The first session was about 20 minutes or so and the landing was smooth back ontop of the cliff and had a blast !

P1100290 P1100296 P1100304
Next up it was Anthea’s turn and she couldn’t wait to get going ! The same trip was made by Anthea up and down the coast with gorgeous views of the ocean and beach , could not have asked for a better location ! She also got to have a bit of a go controlling the wing of the glider !

Once both had been out Rich said we had time to go out once more so the girls got to go out again for another 15/20 minutes or so but this time Rich showed them how to do some tricks .. spirals and sharp turns .. much more exhilarating and more of an adrenaline rush .. WOW !!

P1100311 P1100313
As we watched the sunset over the cliff we had to get back to see the others who had already left the school .. It was now time to get ready and settle down for our last dinner here in Ponta which was an amazing fish Braai !

The only way we saw fitting enough to end our last night here in this idyllic town was to hit the town and get our dancing shoes on starting off with a bit of a house party .. OMG we wish you could see some of Callahan’s dance moves they were definitely something you need to witness for yourself hahaha .. Gangnam Style and Katy Perry seem to get him going !! hahah


Oh a note for Di , I write the blog ( Team Leader Ben ) but I write it from the perspective of the volunteers :p

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