It’s our second to last day here in this beautiful country Mozambique and the time had just flown by which is such a shame as it’s going to be very hard to get on the bakkie on Friday afternoon and leave  .

So we said yesterday that we were potentially going on a Dolphin swim this morning , well …. it was decided that it won’t be so much of a Dolphin swim but more of a reef snorkel with the chance of seeing Dolphins on the way which we will stop and get in with if we see them .

P1100131 P1100132
Anthea wanted to swop her Dolphin swim for money off of a paragliding session which is a great idea and Quinci also decided to do the same thing also , so they stay behind and get to the school for 9am so Anthea can continue her English lessons being watched by Quinci and we will meet up with them later on at the school .

P1100132 P1100137
This morning it will just be Callahan , Nicole , Ell , Ben , Thenji and Sid . It was an early start with our alarms going off at 06:20 as we need to be there for briefing at 7am . We are going with a different company this morning called Gozo Azul and will be heading pretty far north up the coast to a shallow reef called Techo Banine .

P1100123 P1100124
We have been told some great stories about this reef and can’t wait to see if they are true . During our briefing we are told that Humpback Whales , Manta Rays and Whale Sharks have been seen in the last few weeks so we have high hopes of spotting at least one of them , not too mention the Dolphins !

After a short tractor ride down to the beach we again help to launch the boat into the ocean , make our way through the shore break and begin our long trip up the coast . It takes us about 40 minutes or so at full speed to reach the first little reef so we gear up and enter the water . Although the water was really clear the reef was still a little deep and there wasn’t much happening so we hopped back on the boat and headed towards the main reef .


We could even tell just by looking off of the side of the boat when we had reached the reef because at the shallowest point it was only like 1 ½ metres deep with crystal waters . We jump in for the second time and WOW !! There was a treasure trove of different species of fish , coral and other marine life … we can’t even begin to list the amount of species we saw .

It was an incredible time snorkelling around the reef exploring different parts of it and some of us were in the water for what seemed a lifetime but was probably about an hour or so we just didn’t want to leave .. Ben , Callahan and Ell were like fish swimming around and got some amazing underwater footage of them swimming under coral and through trenches .. they even saw a Salt and Pepper Eel and a 3/4ft baby reef shark !!

But we couldn’t spend all day out here as we still has work to put in at the school so on the way back we kept our eyes peeled to see if we could spot some of the bigger sea life but to no avail .. we wish we could tell you about amazing whale , manta ray and dolphin sightings but nope  . We headed back to Grants for a bit of brekkie before making our way to meet Quinci and Anthea .

P1100148 P1100149
As we approach the school Quinci is already there waiting for us ready to get started .. Arthur and his helper have already started making the iron grid for the top of the round overflow hole we have dug and moving the older, smaller water tank off of it’s concrete platform ready for the newer, larger one . But there was still plenty of plastering to be done so we crack on with making yet more cement mixes lol .

Lunch time was fast approaching so we aided our helpers with finishing most of the walls within the toilet block before heading back into town for some chow and today it was a gorgeous fried fish with some rice , cabbage and a tomato salsa .. yum ! We even made Ben and Ell eat fish brains .. yuk ! and covered Ben in our fish bones so he absolutely stank for the rest of the afternoon haha !

P1100152 P1100153

Back at the school the girls helped continue with the plastering while Callahan tended to the mix supplying them so they wouldn’t run out . Once most of the plaster was on the walls it was down to our helpers to smooth and finish it off so we began making another mix to fill the hole that was left by the old water tank .

P1100155 P1100159 P1100160 P1100161

But typical of these kids no sooner had we finished levelling off the concrete and turned our backs the kids began to run over the surface leaving footprints everywhere .. arrggghhh lol so we had to redo it again after telling them to leave it alone haha .

P1100166 P1100167 P1100170 P1100171 P1100172
For the latter part of the afternoon we had a bit of an audience so they kids joined in and helped us collect water and pose in front of the camera .. soo cute lol . 3:30pm came around so with the last of the mix we make a full concrete mix with stone to start the slab on top of the overflow hole and it covered half of it so we can just finish that tomorrow and hopefully get these toilets and plumbing in !

P1100174 P1100177 P1100179 P1100180 P1100181
Everyone seemed pretty knackered after today with all the swimming and spade work so a few head to the markets to pick up a few last bits while some headed to the market to pick up some munchies ready for another chill session tonight .

After a lovely pasta dinner we all crash out in the lounge watching a movie resting our aching bones ready for our last full day at the school tomorrow .. soooo sad but we won’t let it dampen our spirits !!