African love you guys!

We left Ponta with a winner of a day yesterday. We got up a little later and all rolled out of bed at about 8. We only had a small amount of work to finish up, so a half-day with a sleep in was much needed. They have worked so hard this week; they definitely deserved a nice and easy morning. Breakfast was served nice and hot and we all ate quickly in order to get going.

Pretty soon, we took off to the school. We really only had the plumbing to complete and a couple touch-ups to the white paint inside. We also had to paint the outside wall. It is looking so professional and good now! You all saw the doors and the inside from the pictures, but in person it looks incredible! We think the kids are really going to like it. We also saw some funky lizard at the worksite today! Check that baby out!

DSCN2099 DSCN2096DSCN2100 DSCN2106 DSCN2109

We had a plumber come by to help us install the pipes too, but there wasn’t much that we could do to help. Therefore, around midmorning, we took a break and went to the beach. It was a beautiful, perfect day on the water. The wind was nonexistent, the temperature was warm and the water was refreshing. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to play around at the beach. Because I’m still hobbling around, I couldn’t go with them on a swimming adventure, but from the looks of it, it was quite the swim. They swam far out to the sand bar and all the way back. They were panting when they got back, but the elements were so enjoyable, they didn’t even mind. It was a fairly quick break before we had to leave, but we are so happy we got to go to the beach in Ponta one last time.DSCN2112 DSCN2113 DSCN2117

We packed our bags up, said goodbye to our Ponta home and left. On our way out, we stopped by the school again to say goodbye to all our worker friends and to Sean. Sean has been wonderful. He really went out of his way to make the Mozambique program special for us all. His excitement about the projects and the activities was infectious. We loved working alongside him throughout the last few weeks! Thanks so much for everything, Sean. We can’t express how much we enjoyed every moment, and that’s all thanks to you and your efforts. Your heart for the work and your commitment to going above and beyond will not be forgotten. Thank you!!

What is he wearing??

What is he wearing??

Our final reason we stopped at the school was to see the working toilets! They structured all the tubes together, worked in the water into each, and they did it! The toilets are finally complete. The kids can use them and love them forever now!! It was so exciting flushing the toilets and seeing them work perfectly. We are so grateful to be the ones who got them working and to see the final product. We can’t wait to see how they’re doing with them next time!DSCN2120 DSCN2123 DSCN2124 DSCN2125 DSCN2129

As we waved goodbye, we were all really down. I think it’s safe to say that this place has made a huge mark on our lives. We have shared so many laughs together, and we’ve made a huge difference at a place that needed our help. We know the community appreciates what we’ve done here, and you bet we will never forget everything we’ve done as well. It was a sad goodbye, but we know we’ll be back.


The drive wasn’t very eventful yesterday, but only a few hours and we were back in St. Lucia. Last night was our last night together. We made it a great one by going out for pizza and talking about all the funny events from the past two weeks.

This morning, we all decided to get up super early to catch the sunrise. It was a lot more difficult than we anticipated getting up for it, but by the time we got to the beach, we were so happy about our decision. We arrived just in time to catch the best part of the sunrise. The sky lit up in a bright orange and pink and went the entire length of our vision. With the water, the waves and the rolling hills in the distance, it was an outstanding sight. The beauty of the rising sun amazed us. Once the sun poked up on the horizon, it was multicolored yellow, and we knew it was giving a proper sendoff to Anthea and Ricky. It was the most perfect way we could’ve said goodbye to them.

DSCN2138 IMG_1185 DSCN2134 DSCN2140 DSCN2141 DSCN2142 DSCN2146 DSCN2152 DSCN2145 IMG_1237 IMG_1242 IMG_1261

After the sunrise, it was time for us to leave. We packed up our bags and took off once again in the car. Anthea flew out of Richard’s Bay airport at 10:30 this morning, and saying goodbye to her was really tough. She is so inspiring with her constant positive attitude and I can’t even explain how wonderful it was to get to know her over the past two weeks. We have had uncontrollable laughs together, crazy good dance moves, never ending singing (your favorite being my gate song of course), and fun stories of our time in Ponta. You really made the trip special for everyone. You will be missed, my friend, but I guarantee you we will see each other again very soon. Thanks for all the good times!IMG_1276

Next, it was Ricky’s turn to fly out of Durban airport this afternoon. I spent a whole four weeks with Ricky, and can honestly say I’ve never met a more good spirited person. Your desire to help people and do well in the world is so amazing. Please never lose that! You and your funny weird phrases, your undying positivity, carefree attitude and passion is something not many people possess. It’s very refreshing to meet someone like you. I have so enjoyed this time with you, and am very grateful to have had you on program! Thanks for all the laughs and great times; you bet we will have an epic reunion in Colorado soon!IMG_1277 IMG_1278

I miss you guys already!! Safe travels and good luck in all of your future endeavors. I know you will both go far in life, and I can’t wait to see what opportunities present themselves to you.

Thank you so much to all of you at home who kept up with the blog and for making such incredible people for me to hang out with for two weeks!! Even though you’ve been apart of it, I know they still have lots of stories and memories that they’ll share with you when they’re home. I know as sad as they are to go, they are so excited to have you waiting for them at home. I hope you’re prepared!!

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The Last Sign off for Team Leader Tara