Back to work….

After a good day of fun it`s back to what we came for …work on the school..and everyone dig in deep , although the septic pit keep on falling in we manage to dig it deeper and cement is also mixed for the plastering of the walls..

Then its time for a good lunch at the beach bar and after that one of those times we all dreaded , time to say goodbay to 2 volunteers who needs to go back…

Sarah and Katie , crept in our hearts and was not easy to let go ..thank you for your heart work and even warmer presence…we`ll miss you..

And while Frans take them back to Richardsbay airport the rest keep on the good work… ciao!!!!!DSC01945 DSC01955 DSC01959 DSC01963 DSC01970 DSC01974 DSC02015 DSC02017 DSC02021 DSC02024 DSC02034

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