Beach day!

Finally a relax day ~
The volunteers got the chance to sleep in till 9 AM today!!! After a hardy breakfast of eggs beans and bread, our whole group headed for the beach where we basked in the sunshine and blue skies all day long. We swam, beach combed for sea shells, played with the beach dogs, and even went for a bit of a beach hike up a sand dune to check out the amazing views. At lunch we hit up the local Coconut Can for sandwiches, and then continued to sit in the sun listening to tunes and swimming in the ocean. A fantastic way to spend our day off if I do say so myself…

For dinner, we were brought to a local restaurant that supposedly has the best peri peri chicken in town….we tested it…and hot digitty is it EVER THE BEST! We ate a lot and we’re all exhausted by the time we got back to the lodge. Tomorrow we head back to the school for the second week of work on the dormitories. Stay tuned for all the progress pics!


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