Today is 25th June which means it is Independence Day here in Mozambique as they celebrate 40 years of freedom from Portugal so .. HAPPY MOZAMBICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY ..  . It feels great to be part of such a huge celebration here but unfortunately this will cause some problems for us today .

We decided to walk into school again today as it was such a nice day and to no surprise the Macado was very quiet this morning as people have either decided to just stay at home or go and celebrate with friends .. and we are walking to work .. :/ hmm there is something wrong with this scenario lol .

As we hit the school and meet up with our local helper Arthur we learn that he will also only be with us for half day today as he would also like to celebrate the holiday with friends and family and as he used to be a soldier and was part of the fight for freedom all those years ago and we cannot deny him this 

P1090752 P1090753
Even though he would be leaving early we know there are a few things here we could carry on without him .. BUT .. as we go and check the water level in the tank we see that it is almost empty with about enough water to last us for about 3 hours . After finding the principal to ask him if he could turn the pump on to fill the tank up he informs us that the locals have taken the extension cord that supplies the pump for their Independence Day celebrations !!!

P1090755 P1090756
This meant that we were forced to have a half day … ahh such a shame hehe  . Anyway to get the day started off Ell and Callahan began making a cement mix inside the toilet block that we will be plastering today while Ben and Anthea got back in the terror hole and Nicole and Quinci helped them by raking away the excess sand form the top of the hole .

P1090757 P1090758
It is such a quiet day here without the kids and it feels kinda weird without them lifting our spirits with their games and laughs lol . But we found ways to keep ourselves occupied while working  . After the mixes had been made Arthur and his friend took the reigns with the plastering as they just wanted to get the job finished as quick as possible today so it left us stood around for short periods of time soo …

P1090763 P1090767

The only thing we could think of doing was burying T.L Ben in the sand and turning him into a mermaid !! Strange yes but absolutely hilarious trying to mould the sand around him and eventually jumping on him almost snapping his knee caps … thanks to Ell haha then Callahan decided to try out his karate skills haha .

P1090777 P1090780
With 2 mixes done and time hitting just after midday we ran out of water and had to call it a day it was nice because it gave us a chance to rest our bodies a little and recoup before starting tomorrow again .

We walked back into town and had lunch on a beautiful little deck overlooking the beach and the ocean and then hit the local beach bar for a soft drink or a cheeky cocktail and then just chilled on the beach for the rest of the afternoon .

During lunch we seemed to get attacked by Bees who wanted to join in on our antics and they seemed to just pick on the girls until Ben was dared to try and suck up a Bee with his straw and somehow he managed it hahaha !!

It was soo nice to be able to just chill and play around at the beach and in the ocean .

P1090782 P1090783
On the way back to Grant’s house we caught a little of a local soccer game that was being played to celebrate the day , hit a couple of the local nik nak shops and the made the short walk back to freshen up and get ready for dinner .


P1090785 P1090790
The rest of the evening was just spend chilling out on the porch and around the campfire chatting and playing games again ready for our first exciting activity tomorrow morning where we will be ocean early trying to find Dolphins so we can jump in with them and go snorkelling  .

We wish there was more we could tell you about the day but some things we just need to keep to ourselves haha .

So wait to hear back from us tomorrow and find out if we managed to find the Dolphins !!!