Bound for Mozambique 11th Dec 2018

Hey everyone! 

Today was mostly a travelling day for us however we did get to go on a boat cruise in the morning at Kosi Bay. We got to see flamingos, a bunch of other different birds and a few hippos including a little baby one. Cute! 

A flock of flamingos at Kosi Bay

One of the many fishing traps

After that we headed to Mozambique where we had to cross the border. It took longer than expected but eventually we made it through and met our other team leader Bertis and his son at our accommodation. Once we were all settled in we headed to a nearby bar for drinks and took a stroll along the beach and through the town. 

The beach is only 500m from where we are staying!

Walking the streets of Ponta Do Ouro

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for tomorrow. 

Love the Mozambique Muppets!!