Hey everyone! 

So today’s the day we leave! Crazy how fast time flies when you’re surrounded by beautiful people doing incredible things together. As we are waiting at the airport now we just want to take this moment to thank Jade for everything she did for us over the past few weeks and for being such a kind and loving role model for us all. Not to mention all the other people who have made this trip so special. Bheki, Giddian, Abdul, Bertis, Busee and everyone else who helped out- thank you! It was so hard to say goodbye to people who have become our family. Until we meet again!

Also a massive thank you to Tom and Rachel for providing a program like this that has changed each of our lives. We will cherish these memories forever. 

Love the Mozambique Muppets!

Keira, Elyse, Sophie, Jiahong, Emily and Elliot <3