As predicted this morning everyone woke up feeling refreshed but still with aching muscles and limbs from yesterdays hard graft but we are all still amped for todays continuation of work and what better way to start the day than with some french toast , fresh juice and fruit .

This morning we have decided to walk into work as its only a 15 minute walk to the school and Ben has donned a go-pro on his chest to film some of the days activities as we plan on making a short film of our experience for your pleasure at home .. so look forward to that 

P1090664 P1090665
At the school today we carry on with a few of the duties we started yesterday , we still need to make some smaller blocks that will be used for a partition wall used in the toilets .. the overflow hole for the septic tank still needs to be deeper and we still have a lot of plastering to do on the actual toilet building itself .

So again we split into small teams to make the work load lighter and be able to get more done and today Anthea will begin teaching English to the local children in the classrooms . As Quinci and Nicole got on soo well with making the blocks yesterday they begin by making a small mix 3 parts sand to one part cement in order to make the smaller blocks .

P1090674 P1090676 P1090678

Callahan and Ell once again get down in the hole and push to get it finished as we still have about another metre of depth to go down . Anthea got to the school early this morning at about 8am in order to meet the teachers to go through the curriculum and learn how to teach the class but there was a slight problem so she didn’t have her first meeting until 10am so joined us for the first part of the morning .
Although still being tired from yesterdays hard work the effort we all put in this morning was tremendous !! Quinci and Nicole get the first mix made in sharp time and the blocks come out perfect .. I think they have found a new profession  And Callahan and Ell have made great progress in the hole even though the sun is still beating down on us in this beautiful little beach town .

P1090666 P1090667 P1090672

During mid morning some of the kids are gathered and given black rubbish bags in order to go around the school and pick up some of the rubbish which is strewn across the whole courtyard.

P1090682 P1090688

It seemed like it was a game to them so some of us join them and help gather the rubbish and fill all the bags .. hopefully this will teach them to try and be a little more proactive in the future .. tomorrow is a public holiday here so they won’t be at school but on Friday we will bring a lot more and be able to finish what is left .

P1090692 P1090697

Anthea sat in on the first English lesson this morning so she could see how the lessons were structured and was then given the opportunity to run her own lesson under the watchful eye of one of the teachers and did a fantastic job ! She taught them about health and nutrition and different fruit and vegetables and got them to say sentences in English and fill in the blanks with words that she had taught them and she is definitely a natural 


By the time lunch time came around the girls on the block mix had finished making 39 small blocks and Cal and Ell had completed the overflow hole .. that was until Arthur our local helper decided to jump into the whole to level out the bottom causing a kind of earthquake and caving in one side of the hole making it another 2-3ft wider !! NOOOO !! Meaning yet more digging out sand .. will it ever end !

P1090703 P1090704

Luckily Sean was at the school as lunch time hit so we grabbed a lift into town and headed back to the Coconut Can for lunch which was egg bacon and salad rolls with a side of coleslaw another little treat to keep us going until the end of the day.

P1090705 P1090709
Back at the school we set an aim of making one more block mix and starting a wet cement mix in order to start plastering the inside of the toilet block . Anthea joined Nicole and Quinci on the block making while Cal and Ell began making the wet cement mix for Arthur to start plastering .. yet again more spade work .. pffft haha

P1090715 P1090721

It was definitely a more chilled afternoon because the aching limbs were kicking in again but we ploughed through and got done what we needed to . Towards the end of the block mix we had an audience of kids watching so we decided to let them help under the eye of Nicole who was giving them instructions in Portuguese , it’s definitely been very handy having her here 

While this was going on the rest of us including T.L Ben had other plans and started playing games around the big hole swinging on the rope we used to get out of the hole and landing on the sand pile at the bottom haha . The kids loved it and joined in swinging over the hole … hmmm I wonder what they will e doing once we leave for the day lol .

P1090724 P1090725 P1090727 P1090732

3:30pm came around and as we had a late one yesterday the decision was made to pack up and head down to the beach again to cool off in the ocean and clean ourselves up a little bit .. even Quinci and Ell joined us in the water today for a little bit of body surfing while watching the gorgeous sunset over the hills !!

P1090733 P1090738

It was nice to have all of us there together having a good laugh and splash around before heading back to our accommodation to just flake out and chill for the rest of the evening .. we couldn’t wait to put our feet up and just relax .. ahhhhh


Once back there Ben started with his ridiculous mind tricking games again .. will it ever stop haha some of them are soo confusing and we can’t work them out !! We have a week and a half left and we are determined to figure them out !!

P1090740 P1090741

After a lovely local dinner with some chit chat around the dinner table and Callahan falling asleep while eating .. AGAIN .. we haven’t even got the energy to say good night any more .. so … yeh … catch up with us again tomorrow haha .