Day 5

Today got off to a sad start with Ella’s departure home to Canada. None of us wanted to see her go but despite our poor attempts to bribe her into staying on for another week, we had to say our goodbyes. Bye Ella! We’ll miss you! Now we’re an all Aussie group (here’s trouble ūüėČ )

Bidding our farewells (Ella in the middle)

Bidding our farewells (Ella in the middle)

After Ella had taken off and we all enjoyed a well-deserved rest, Michael, Mike, Maddy and Sally left the lodge excitedly for an afternoon of paragliding. The weather was nice to us today- not a cloud in the sky!

Maddy the ‘Brave Berry’ was first to take wing. Despite nervous beginnings, it was certainly an experience she’ll never forget. She even got the opportunity to steer the glider herself.

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Maddy flying

Sally was the next cab off the rank. It was her first but certainly not her last paragliding experience (she says). Such a fun time was had! But the photos speak for themselves.



Sally steering

Sally feeling right at home in the sky.  y

After patiently awaiting his turn, it was finally Mikes time to shine. The moment he landed he remarked that he wished he could have stayed up there in the blue skies the entire afternoon. Like the rest of us, he was amazed at how easy it was to manoeuvre himself in the wind.

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Go Mike!

Mike steering the glider himself.

Last but certainly not least, Michael eagerly strapped into the glider to embrace the experience. Keen to try out a few tricks, he mastered the ‘touch n’ go’ tactic amongst others.

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Michael soaring through the blue skies.

Michael feeling right at home soaring through the blue skies.


On a high from such a perfect day of gliding, we headed to the nearby pub to devour some chips and then take a dip in the ocean. Such an incredible afternoon was had, but it was now time to head back to the lodge and meet up with the others so we could all reflect together on our first week in Mozambique. Ciao!