Day 6

An early start today in the attempt to beat the sun for a hard days work. Upon arriving at the site we were split up into three groups: Jasmine and Liana continuing on with the planting, Maddy and Sally getting to work painting, and the boys back to digging out a soccer field for the kids.

The sun managed to find us, resulting in a very hard and hot few hours work.
DSC04933 DSC04934 DSC04937

After a solid effort by all, we just couldn’t ignore the kids playing nearby and had to join in on the fun! We found a soccer ball and had a blast kicking it around, and later teaching them how to play ‘Piggy in the middle’.

DSC04980 DSC04994 DSC04992 DSC04986

It was a real treat finally getting to know the kids and we hope they had as much fun playing with us we did with them!

DSC04977 DSC04970 DSC04950

We eventually headed back to the lodge for lunch (and some much needed showering!), then with relief hit the beach that afternoon. It’s now time to enjoy our weekend and rest ourselves for another hard at work on Monday.

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