Day 7

Ahhh sunday, the day of rest! We arose to an omelette and a fine cup of coffee after a wonderful sleep-in. We all wanted to spend our free time in different ways. Most of us  headed down to ‘Durban Curries’ to check out the local cuisine. Maddy and Sally were more keen on checking out the local markets and taking a dip in the ocean. Some of us still were only concerned with catching up on some more zzz’s!


Maddy at the markets


Sally taking in the view at the beach bar.

Sally taking in the view at the beach bar.

At 5, the group met up at Pinto’s famous beach bar to watch the day fade away and take in the last few glimpses of Ponto’s beautiful bay. With many laughs, it was a perfect end to another superb day in Mozambique.


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