Day 8

Finally a cool, cloudy day- the perfect conditions to get some real work done! We headed to the site early again, shovels in hand, ready to get this soccer pitch finished. Mike, Michael, Matt and Maddy (the M crew!!!) shovelled whilst Liana and Jasmine began brightening up the jungle gym that previous volunteers had built.

Todd, our ‘boss’ for the next two weeks, spent the day with us to check out our progress (and might I say he was pretty impressed with the Aussie spirit and determination!). We’re working for Todd, by the way, to help set up a community centre just outside of Ponto d’Ouro, intended to allow locals access to free, clean water from the water well. On top of this, ourselves and past RO volunteers are creating a safe environment for children to gather and play. Todd dreams, one day, of establishing an arts/craft market to boost the local economy, as well as an educational facility to teach children about nutrition.

DSC05045 DSC05044 DSC05038 DSC05036 DSC05033 DSC05026

We all agreed after such a long day of work that it was time to reward ourselves with some nice cool smoothies at our favourite rooftop café, ‘Mangos’. Mmm mmm!DSC05052 DSC05056 DSC05057

Afternoon turned to evening and we left our fates in the hands of the cards, one bitter round of 500 dissolving into the next. An early night in anticipation for the dolphin swim next morning!