Day 9

Our second dolphin swim began in deceptively calm waters, which swelled angrily as a strong breeze blew in off the Indian Ocean. The dolphins surfed against the bow of the boat, scattering playfully each time we dived in. Finally, a social pod surrounded us, coming within a metre of Maddy as they shot past. Satisfied, we headed to the reef to spot Red Roman, Parrotfish, and small reef sharks and were grateful for our motion sickness tablets as the swell lurched us back to dry land.

DSC05091 DSC05093 DSC05104

Meanwhile, closer to shore, it was surfs up for Michael! In a perfect shore break, it wasn’t long before his lessons paid off and he was standing up for 5 seconds or more! Gnarly dude!!

DSC05129 DSC05126

After a morning in and above the ocean, we were joined at Gamboozini Lodge by two local tradies, a basket-weaver and a bamboo-binder. We learnt the two crafts slowly and unsurely; it’ll be a while before any of us enter the Mozambique construction industry!!

DSC05171 DSC05166 DSC05147 DSC05163

Spent from our active day, our new friend Pinto embraced us with his trademark hospitality before we called it a night.

Slice out.